Facts and Fallacies About Slavery/Discrimination In The USA

1) Native Americans were the first slaves in the Americas and the Caribbeans. In addition to some Native tribes owning slaves like the Cherokee, but not the majority of Native American people. A few did so to help enslaved runaways , and some out of maliciousness.

2) There were mostly European Indentured servants in the U.S. ( mostly Scottish and Irish), during the late 1400’s to early 1600’s and people wonder why this isn’t taught.

There are quite a few reasons why White indentured servants is skipped over

A) Since Whites were collectively deemed the superior race by the 50’s in the U.S/globally by pseudo Scientists and Anthropologists; to them, teaching this portion of history would conflict with their theories. After all; the inferior race were Negroes, and they are only condemned into life long servitude.

By the 50’s the Irish, Scottish and Italians were deemed White. Many of our U.S presidents were from Scottish, Irish and Welsh descent.

The Irish, Southern Europeans and Eastern Europeans weren’t deemed White until later. The Irish were called White niggers for example, before they reached the status of truly being White. The concept of White that is.

3) Many of the Irish were shipped to North America and the Caribbean, due to false claims of crime and the false belief of them being inferior. Eventually they would be classified as Nordic and one of the top classes of the White race.

Once the Irish were no longer considered a cross between Negroid and Caucasian (both asinine terms), the owners decided they didn’t like nor wanted a continuous relationship between the Irish and West African people. A hierarchy was now put into place; before Eastern and Southern Europeans were seen as dirty, stupid and lazy compared to Anglo-Saxons. When the ruling Social Elites realized, they could make a unified front on Whiteness (during the great migration of Eastern/Southern/Northern European migration), they proceeded to make the census.

Europeans, North Africans, and The Middle East were deemed White. They were now the top of the hierarchy. This is why many North Africans proclaimed that Saharan Africans were never the original people of North Africa, or contributed to its’ creation. That is why many Scientists/Anthropologists deemed the ancient Egyptians White. That is why those same people deemed Ethiopians as dark Caucasians. Basically, any civilization that pivoted the Human race forward was deemed Caucasian. Saharan Africans and anyone of African descent were deemed inferior and could never intermingle with the higher race.

This is extremely complex; notice how most of it doesn’t make any sense, but this is how many people thought back then (some still do). North Africans are people of Saharan African descent (Berbers), and later mixed with Middle Eastern Arabs, and different European groups. But I shall continue; this perception was carried out globally.

Some North Africans believed Saharan Africans were inferior and tried to wipe them out of history texts. In South America; Mexico tried to erase the fact that their second President and first Vice President was half West African. (Vicente Ramón Guerrero)

In Cuba; one of their Revolutionary heroes was Black, Antonio Maceo Grajales. (Cuba’s Independence from Spain) White Anthropologists lightened portraits and illustrations of him; deeming him to be purely White European. After Cuba’s independence from Spain; they were united ethnically. The illusion and artificial conception of race eluded them. Joe Marti stated he wasn’t going to fall for Spain’s racial games and stated “Cuba for Cuban’s”. Fast forward to when Bastisa was president; American/European ideals on race spread globally. Although Bastisa was of African descent himself; he created laws to make life harder for Cuban’s of predominantly African descent. He allowed Anthropologist to claim Antonio was purely White European, he allowed immigration solely to White Europeans into Cuba. The racial illusion was so bad, that 97% of Cubans who immigrated to the U.S identified themselves as White.   In the Dominican Republic; president Rafael Trujillo, declared anyone who admitted they were Black would be imprisoned or killed. In a island where about 90% of their citizens were heavily of African descent. Trujillo’s himself; his grandmother being Haitian. He openly stated he was inspired by Hitler’s vision of racial purity and superiority. He permed his hair religiously, determined to not let any signs of his African roots show on his face. To him; advancing the Dominican Republic, meant Whitening it up.


This concept happened in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, etc, again globally. Someone asked a question on here previously, “Why is Black slavery so important or why the lack of focus on other forms of slavery?” The answer should be obvious; it isn’t the 300 years of slavery that make people of African descent history uniquely different, it is all that came afterwords. The Jim Crow laws, being seen as the race at the bottom, a hybrid between Ape and Human as Darwin stated. The fact that people of African descent were put in zoos with apes/monkeys. Many committing suicide after, while hundreds of people previously watched; not saying anything.

This happening in the Bronx: http://mentalfloss.com/article/30399/1906-bronx-zoo-put-black…

The experiments, the Tuskegee sterilization; giving Syphilis to Black men. Most dying and passing the disease to their wives; only three men survived, eugenics and experimentation. Being erased from the history books and having every facet of your identity and heritage taken away, from ancient to modern. Having Black face, and other propaganda programmers broadcast globally; from Japan to Egypt.


Yes; almost every ethnic group has gone through trials and tribulations, being lied about, slavery, at one point or another. Pertaining to those of African descent; not the same duration and to be hit from every aspect at once. I can’t say any other ethnic group, besides Native Americans have gone through that. If so, I would like for someone to enlighten me. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p2957.html


The fact remains; if society had let go of its’ bigotry towards those of African descent, like they did with the Scottish, Irish, and Italians we all wouldn’t be so polarized by the illusion of race. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

4) Indentured servants only worked for a certain amount of years and were free to be on their own when their contract was up.

5) There were free people of African descent in Americas, before the Atlantic slave trade started.

6) Some people of African descent owned other people of African descent; over 99.9% did so, because it guaranteed their enslaved relatives safety. Free Negroes (term for historical purposes) bought their relatives for protection.


http://www.vvdailypress.com/articles/later-33884-justice-year… http://books.google.com/books?id=ptFqye_hg54C&pg;=PA76&lpg;=P…

After Peyton Polly, his brother, and his son were freed in Kentucky, his brother purchased Peyton’s seven other sons and daughters. Evidently this tactic was common. The reunited family moved to Ohio, a free state, for safety. Three years later armed White men from Kentucky kidnapped the children, ages 4-17. Peyton could not risk going after the men himself. He put his trust in the legal system, and eventually the intervention of many Ohio politicians managed to free four of the children. Virginia refused to free the others, who remained enslaved for over a decade until ‘The Emancipation Proclamation” was passed.

7) Anthony Johnson was not the first slave owner.




All before Anthony Johnson.

8) Black Americans and people of African descent were the major factor that ended slavery in the Western world. From slaves revolts, majority of Black people being Abolitionists, Maroons, Gullahs, Black Seminoles, Cuban’s revolution, Haiti’s revolution, etc.

Katherine Johnson: NASA/Science

A pioneer in the space industry, Johnson witnessed and played a critical role in some of the most historic moments of American space flight. Katherine Johnson was born in 1918, to a poor family in West Virginia. Her father was a farmer and worked extra jobs as a janitor and her mother was a teacher. Even though he quit school after the sixth grade, he considered education of paramount importance.


Read more: http://www.arts.com/awards/katherine_johnson.php

 Katherine Johnson talks about Langley’s quota for black female mathematicians and how she waited for a job opening.




Dr. Berry Leonidas: Innovative Medical Career

He invented the Eder-Berry biopsy gastroscope in 1955. His invention made it easier for doctors to collect tissue from the inside of the stomach without surgery. Five years after inventing his gastroscope, Dr. Berry studied the stomachs of alcoholics. He discovered that it was the liver, and not the stomach, that became diseased because of too much alcohol. This changed the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism forever.


Berry combined his innovative medical career with outstanding community service. In 1931, Berry’s father had published A Century of Missions of the AME Church , and Berry contributed a short chapter, “Opportunity of African Methodism in Medical Missions: A Prospectus.” From that point forward, Berry’s work addressed the physical and social welfare of humankind. Berry sought cures for disease by conducting research; as the medical director of the Correctional Health Commission of the AME Church, he addressed many people’s needs. Then too he held dozens of other leadership positions in professional associations and societies.

Berry was a pioneer in gastroscopy and gastroenterology. His expertise in the study of the human stomach was acclaimed worldwide beginning in the 1930s due to his ability as a physician and his pioneering success in the use of the endoscope. Berry produced several books, video recordings, and motion pictures to illustrate the study of the stomach and other organs affected by digestive disorders.


Read More: http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/articles/pages/4116/Berry-Leoni…


Jerry Lawson: Game Console

Gerald J. Lawson is the first creator of the cartridge-based video-game console.

Jerry Lawson Game Console

 Jerry Lawson was a electronic engineer that brought a new technical age to the game world. 

If you’ve got fond memories of blowing into video game cartridges, you’ve got Gerald “Jerry” Lawson to thank. As the head of engineering and marketing for Fairchild Semiconductor’s gaming outfit in the mid-’70s, Lawson developed the first home gaming console that utilized interchangeable cartridges, the Fairchild Channel F. That system never saw the heights of popularity of consoles from Atari, Nintendo and Sega, but it was a significant step forward for the entire gaming industry. Prior to the Channel F, games like Pong were built directly into their hardware — there was no swapping them out to play something else — and few believed that you could even give a console a microprocessor of its own. Lawson, who passed away at 70 from diabetes complications in 2011, was the first major African-American figure in the game industry. And, just like the tech world today, it still isn’t as diverse as it should be.


As an engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor, Lawson designed the electronics of the Fairchild Video Entertainment System, later renamed the Channel F, in 1976.

Predating the release of Atari’s Video Computer System by a year. Previous game machines like Atari’s Pong and the Magnavox Odyssey had all their games built into the hardware. Lawson’s pioneering design set the standard for the game consoles of today.

Read more: 



Haitian Folklore: Zombies


While there’s a long history and fascination with animated corpses in American literature and cinema, zombies aren’t originally a product of the American imagination. The undead corpses actually trace their roots to Haiti and Haitian Creole traditions that have their roots in African religious customs.





Untold History of Hockey


Comprised of the sons and grandsons of runaway American slaves, the league helped pioneer the sport of ice hockey changing this winter game from the primitive “gentleman’s past-time” of the nineteenth century to the modern fast moving game of today. In an era when many believed blacks could not endure cold, possessed ankles too weak to effectively skate, and lacked the intelligence for organized sport, these men defied the defined myths.

The Ball-and-Stick on Ice:

Ball-and-stick games are almost as old as civilization itself. Its earliest origins may be from Persia, Egypt or China, while archaeological evidence shows an early ball-and-stick game played in Greece in the 400s BCE. As civilization spread, so did the games. And eventually, as the civilized world went north, ball-and-stick moved onto the ice. Paintings in the Netherlands in the 1600s showed the Dutch playing a version of golf on the ice; Scotland’s Edinburgh Skating Club, formed in 1642, is considered the oldest in the world, and records from Ireland’s Dublin Evening Post have a report of men playing hurling on ice. When the Europeans made their way across the Atlantic to North America, they discovered Native Americans had their own games, the forerunners of lacrosse, and some Native Americans in South Dakota essentially played lacrosse on ice. The modern idea of field hockey sprouted out of these traditions, and the modern sport of ice hockey was relegated primarily to small towns, and in no organized setting, until the late 1800s.


The Black Presence In Britain


Black people have lived in Britain for centuries, although
their circumstances have varied greatly. Some have been enslaved and exploited,
while others have enjoyed privilege and status. Trace their story to discover
more about the attitudes and conditions they encountered.


Africans are described in Tudor parish records from 1558 (when most official records began) until well into the 17th century by terms such as “Blackamoores”, “Neygers”, “Aethiopians” and “Negroes”. Meanwhile, in True Discourse (1578), the English traveller and writer George Best refers to them as being as “black as cole”, “so blacke” that when a “faire [white] English woman” engages in a relationship with them they “begat a sonne in all respects as blacke as the father was”.



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