The Black Presence In Britain


Black people have lived in Britain for centuries, although
their circumstances have varied greatly. Some have been enslaved and exploited,
while others have enjoyed privilege and status. Trace their story to discover
more about the attitudes and conditions they encountered.


Africans are described in Tudor parish records from 1558 (when most official records began) until well into the 17th century by terms such as “Blackamoores”, “Neygers”, “Aethiopians” and “Negroes”. Meanwhile, in True Discourse (1578), the English traveller and writer George Best refers to them as being as “black as cole”, “so blacke” that when a “faire [white] English woman” engages in a relationship with them they “begat a sonne in all respects as blacke as the father was”.

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  1. Black people have been here for hundreds of years….there is evidence of the Moors in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Scandinavia. This is why some of the Irish and Welsh have darker features. Many were here before the wind rush and many have contributed significantly to British society. Shakespeare wrote about Othello back in his day. It should be taught more in schools.


    • Latti Ice

       /  July 27, 2014

      Absolutely and thanks for stopping by Duppygal; hopefully the curriculum will finally catch up.


  2. I tried my best when I was a teacher to incorporate an adapt my lesson plans, for my pupils. So that black history month was not a ‘token’ month of the year. One day hopefully it will, it has improved in the uk, since I was in school but certainly has a long way to go!



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