The Big Bang Theory Is Black-face for Nerds!

Ridiculous, right? Yet, some people continue to try and make this nonsensical connection. Do people even realize that Black-face helped in the lynching of Black Americans, Federal laws to limit their rights, and the movie that helped cause the re-birth of the Ku Klux Klan; “Birth of A Nation”?

I consider myself a nerd too, but get real. The whole notion is extremely off-base with zero correlation.

1. “Birth of a Nation” (1915)

Not only was the first-ever feature-length film a cinematic triumph, it was also astonishingly racist. Director D.W. Griffith’s saga, which ran over three hours and was shown in two parts, followed a South Carolina town during the Civil War and pitted white men in blackface against actors playing the Ku Klux Klan protecting the “Aryan” cause.” “According to this New Yorker article, the movie “proved horrifically effective at sparking violence against blacks in many cities.


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