Should The Term African American Be Eliminated (Jwon Response)?


The term African American should not be “eliminated.”


From a politically correct perspective, African American is the “proper term” for a citizen of the United States whose ethnicity is descended from Africa, instead of “black”
It is why politicians (the intelligent ones) do not say “black people” they say African Americans.

The reason why us “black people” use the term African American is because of our heritage.
Generations of slavery and being under slave masters who forced them to not speak their native tongue, and to forget their heritage (as in the exact country they are from) Africans in this country for generations were ‘NOT’ Americans. Because they were not citizens.
For people that identify as “African Americans” are those people who acknowledge their unifying background of being from Africa ‘AND’ that they are american Citizens.
African American in short means: American citizen of African descent.

You can choose not to call yourself an European American, that is your right. But to outright call out African Americans and say that the term should not be used is insulting.
To say that people should just call themselves “American” and not honor where they came from is an insult to ‘ANYONE’ who wants to honor their ancestors.

This includes but is not limited to:
Irish Americans
German Americans
French Americans
Greek Americans
Arabic Americans
Iraqi Americans.
Nigerian Americans
Libyan Americans
Palestinian Americans
Jewish Americans

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