Ferguson, Tulsa, trauma and systematic genocide: An open letter to America, By Dane Edidi


WASHINGTON, August 15, 2014 — Dear America,

Yesterday I cried, yesterday, I cried like I have not cried in a very long time. I cried not only for Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, but also for Kandy Hall, Islan Nettles, Mia Henderson and any African American whose killers have not yet been brought to justice.

Yesterday, I cried for the victims of genocide in America, people of color, killed simply for existing. My sorrow was so deep I thought the River Niger would over flow with my tears.

Then I realized I had work to do.

Since I was 11, it has been my job to speak about the state of people of color, particular those who identify as black. When I am like this, I go back to places that have always held answers for me: I go back to history.

We are asking why, why does black life seem disposable, why are black men and women being killed by those very same people who took an oath to protect; why are we still finding ourselves asking for the rights the supposed law has said they awarded us ages ago; and why do many people still find it acceptable to peddle the notion of “black on black crime” rather than joining us in our outrage?

And the why is never found in the dialogue from our mainstream media? Because many are unwilling to admit the legacy of colonization and slavery are still taking black lives.

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