Lightning Rod! Onyx! Glitch! Lady Baskerville! You may not know these names now – but creators Damion Gonzales, Zak Farmer, and Sean Izaakse are determined that you soon will. Together they’ve combined their talents to create T.A.S.K., “an animated superhero action adventure series set in our truly global reality.” Though still in the early stages, things for T.A.S.K. are heating up, and I spoke to Damion about what makes this project truly unique.

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Peep Game Comix

Peep Game Comix is an amazing online comic book site, where the digital art is top notch with amazing storytelling.

 Peep Game Comix is a digital comics platform dedicated to the work of African American creators (authors, artists, publishers).  We want to do our part in educating African American comic book fans about the wealth of creative work by our people.

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More To Come 111: Watson and Holmes Interview Special

In this week’s podcast More to Come’s Calvin Reid interviews Brandon Perlow, creator and publisher of comics startup New Paradigm Studios, and writer Brandon Easton, about the Eisner-nominated ‘Watson & Holmes,’ a contemporary African-American take on Sherlock Holmes, the book’s history and its second volume and current Kickstarter campaign, all on PW Comics World’s More To Come.


By Rick Leonardi (Ink Wash by Brandon Perlow)

WATSON & HOLMES is a modern urban take on the tales of “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Re-envisioning Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson as African Americans and taking place in New York City’s famous Harlem district, the stories can go in fresh and new directions never traveled before.

This is also a series in which Holmes is no longer the central character as he shares equal spotlight with Watson as emphasized by the title.  In this take of the classic, Jon Watson is a former para-jumper for the US Air Force returning from Afghanistan, He is currently working in inner-city clinic helping the less fortunate while trying to pay his debts after a hard divorce. Holmes is a private investigator who used to work as a programmer in a internet start-up that went belly-up. Consequently his career was ruined as a result of it.  He then decided to become a PI.

New Paradigm Studios:  http://www.newparadigmstudios.com/about/watson-and-holmes/




They reached their Kickstarter goal.


Africomics: Change The Image, Change The Mind

The Black Superhero and Comic Book Portal. Your doorway to the Afro-fantastic. Tired of visions of the future where black people and Africa dont seem to exist? Weary of worlds where black superheroes are an after-thought? Then this is your home, we have been waiting for you.

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