BBC BBAF Mandela Lecture: Akala

Bayard Rustin and James Baldwin: Freedom Fighters and Friends

Ancient Berbers, Arabs, Muslims, and Moors

Of course a Berber, and Arab were both Moors within Europe; countless of other ethnic groups from Africa and the Middle East as well. Let’s journey back into time with some well made historical documents through history.

A great way to learn about traditional African beginnings of North Africa, would be to watch “Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Morocco“.

When the Moors Ruled Europe

Cities of Light: Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

Dr. George Carruthers: NASA

Scientist George Carruthers created inventions, such as the ultraviolet camera, or spectograph, which was used by NASA in the 1972 Apollo 16 flight, revealing the mysteries of space and the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Tulsa Oklahoma: 1921


“Believed to be the single worst incident of racial violence in American history, the bloody 1921 Tulsa race riot has continued to haunt Oklahomans to the present day. During the course of eighteen terrible hours on May 31 and June 1, 1921, more than one thousand homes and businesses were destroyed, while credible estimates of riot deaths range from fifty to three hundred. By the time the violence ended, the city had been placed under martial law, thousands of Tulsans were being held under armed guard, and the state’s second-largest African American community had been burned to the ground.”

1) Given no money from the local, state or federal government after they were massacred and their establishments destroyed.

2) Given no moral support from their fellow American citizens.

3) Ignored throughout history and the survivors were never even given an issue of apology.

Know your history.

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Much needed, it’s important to watch “Before They Die”.

James Baldwin vs. William Buckley: “Has the American Dream Been Achieved at the Expense of the American Negro?”

Baldwin vs Buckley

1972 Modern Jazz Quartet: Charlie Mingus

Muslim Leaders & Community Members Speak Out Against ISIS- Dearborn, Michigan

I’ve  seen Muslim Americans speak out against Islamic Extremist for years, but I guess people choose to see what they want. For those who haven’t, I respectfully suggest to broaden your media outlets.

Think Muslims Haven’t Condemned ISIS? Think Again

A very common, oft-repeated mantra among pundits and “experts” is that Muslims haven’t roundly condemned the extremism committed in Islam’s name. So many times, we hear people saying, “Where are the Muslim voices in condemnation?” “Why aren’t Muslims speaking up against extremists like ISIS?”

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Also here is a small sample of the different Muslim sects; just like Christianity, there isn’t one belief.

You can also see this taking place in France and Britain.

Baltimore Cop Says Some Officers Are A Threat To The Community

Afro-Asian Cuisine

Afro-Asian Foods cut across many borders bridging and bringing flavours of the Middle East, Orient and Africa together.

A robust cuisine it spans SriLankan, Bangladeshi, Indian, Afghan, Morrocan, Pakistani, Palestinian and Egyptian borders and brings a fusion of flavours characterised by a generous use of roasted, ground, fresh and dried spices.

Indian cuisine has been influenced by a 5000-year history of various groups and cultures interacting with the subcontinent, leading to diversity of flavours and regional cuisines found in modern-day India. Afro-Asian food is usually generally referred to as Indian cuisine.

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