Media Blackout: Movements In Chicago

I’m going to repeat what I stated in a previous post; Fox news and other so called news networks are liars when it comes to most issues pertaining to Black Americans. They distort and flat out leave important factual information out to support their own narrative which is usually a negative one. Now that we have it settled that there are Black Americans/leaders fighting to make a difference though their is a media Blackout, with the exception of NPR, Democracy Now, The Real News, and so many others that do a wonderful job. They talk to people who are actually involved.


Chicago Is the World:


Hundreds of students march against gang violence in Chicago:

There are hundreds of these movements from the young and old, let’s if Fox news, CNN, MSNBC and others will showcase these movements instead of lying. Let’s see when race is brought if if these news networks can go a day absent of their lazy journalism and report movements that have been going on in Chicago.


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