Hunga Munga


Most noticeable/recognized in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Let’s go into the history and use of the Hunga Munga.

You call that a knife? Now this is a knife. The Hunga Munga was a dagger used by the Mangbetu ā€“ the people of the Orientale Province in Congo. Though the Hunga Munga, also called a Mambele, came in various shapes and forms, they were all pretty awesome looking. Typically, this puppy was thrown from a distance, but if things got hairy, it could be used hand-to-hand. The materials of which the daggers were made could range from rare to common, and often the Hunga Mungas crafted from rarer materials would be carried as status symbols. Hunga Munga is a broad term used for many African blades, such as the Kpinga, another odd, yet deadly blade used by the Azande of Nubia.,-yet-deadlythese-are-the-5-craziest-weapons-from-ancient-history/?page=2&isp1=1

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