Bill O’Reilly: White Power Structure

This isn’t about Democrats vs. Republicans to me; some White Americans genuinely feel this in both parties, nor is this about being pro NAACP.

The ‘Racial Empathy Gap’

According to Policy Mic writer Zak Cheney-Rice, “This idea comes from research done at the University of Toronto-Scarborough and the University of Milano-Bicocca. Findings suggest that people of all racial groups empathize less with Black people than they do other races.” White people don’t know that Black people can have similar lives as they can. It comes from cultural ignorance.

Trick or Treat: Gurps Horror

Gurps Horror Art

Horror Shop

Honoring Tracee Ellis Ross & Teyonah Parris: KashTV

I think it’s cool to see so many of these events, where Black women are supporting each other. 

Trick or Treat: Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde Blaxploitation Film

Warning, nudity, violence, etc…

Trick or Treat: Infected

Warning, mild violence:

With the spread of a demonic infection, Kevin struggles to survive in a world that forces him to face his crippling fears and overcome the painful guilt that threatens to destroy his mind.

Trick or Treat; Perished

Warning, nudity, profanity, gore etc.

Trick or Treat: The Psychology of Scary Movies

Trick or Treat: Halloween Unmasked

Trick or Treat, Easter Island Underworld: Zombies

There are so many myths about the undead. Just what is a zombie? And what’s the origin of the word?

Although there are many different definitions for the word “zombie,” from a West African Snake God to a West Indian victim of voodoo, what we are really talking about here is a reanimated, human corpse that seeks to devour the flesh of living human beings.

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Kingdom of Mapungubwe (1075–1220): Lost City of Gold

The kingdom of Mapungubwe was a pre-colonial state in southern Africa located at the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers south of Great Zimbabwe. The kingdom, which built stone walls to mark important areas, was the first stage in a development that would culminate in the creation of the kingdom of Zimbabwe in the 13th century and with gold-trading links to Rhapta and Kilwa Kisiwani on the African east coast. The kingdom of Mapungubwe lasted about 70 years. At its height, its population was about 5,000 people.

One thousand years ago, Mapungubwe in Limpopo province was the centre of the largest kingdom in the subcontinent, where a highly sophisticated people traded gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt.

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