October Feast: IMPUNDULU


The Impundulu is a bird from the mythology of Pondo, Xhosa and Zulu from Africa. The name translates as ‘Lightning Bird’. It is as large as a human and is coloured black and white. However some stated that the bird had red to green irredescent feather much like that of a peacock. It gets its name from its power to summon lightning bolts from its wings and talons. Sometimes the bird would transform into a handsome charming young man who seduced women. These women would become its victims as the bird ferociously killed them and sucked their blood.

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11 Legendary Monsters of Africa

I’ll only showcase three here; to find out about the rest go to http://mentalfloss.com/article/12818/11-legendary-monsters-africa.

The Inkanyamba is a huge carnivorous eel-like animal in the legends of the Zulu and Xhosa people of South Africa. The ancient legends say Inkanyambas can control the weather. They are said to have fins and/or flippers and grow to tremendous size. There are actually freshwater eels abundant in South Africa that grow to around six feet long, but that pales in comparison to the stories of the Inkanyamba.

A flying monster called Kongamato in Zambia, Angola, and Congo is described as a flying reptile we may recognize as a pterosaur. It was first described in English by explorer Frank Welland in 1932, although local legend goes back much further. This cryptid lives in rivers and swamps and has a huge wingspan, but no feathers. A similar creature goes by other names in other parts of Africa. Theories on Kongomato sightings range from bad lighting to the possibility that an unknown species may exist in inaccessible places. Of course, the image is familiar to us thanks to Hollywood.

The Impundulu or Lightning Bird is a supernatural bird from Pondo, Zulu, and Xhosa folklore. The South African bird is as big as a human and can summon lightning and storms, hence the name. The bird is sometimes a shape shifter that can appear as a human, and sometimes said to be a supernatural familiar that guards a witch or witch doctor. It will attack people and drink their blood. However, parts of the Impundulu or its eggs have medicinal powers. Image by DeviantART member Amadoodles.

To find out about the others on the list, go to http://mentalfloss.com/article/12818/11-legendary-monsters-africa

The Moorland-Spingarn Collection: A Rich Legacy


In 1914, Dr. Jesse E. Moorland, a Black theologian who was an alumnus and trustee of the University, donated his private library, at that time considered one of the most significant collections of Black related materials in existence.Dr. Moorland‘s donation reflected the efforts of African Americans to take a leadership role in the documentation, preservation, and study of their own history and culture. His collection provided the catalyst for the centralization of the University Library‘s other Black related materials, which became known collectively as the Moorland Foundation.

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