You Need to Know: Artist Brianna McCarthy


Aindigo jab.
Digital sketchbook thing gif play in play-gress.

There isn’t anything I could say to do her artwork justice, so check it out for yourself ;-).

Check out more of Brianna’s artwork/portfolio:

Nigeria’s ‘hero doctor’ who spotted Ebola


A day after the World Health Organization declared Nigeria free of Ebola, the doctor who treated the country’s first case of the deadly virus and later died from the disease herself is being hailed as a hero for helping stop the outbreak.

Africa Is A Big Continent!


Africa is the world’s second largest continent. But it’s not unusual for Americans to classify it as a single entity, ignoring the many cultural, economic and geographic differences between its 47 countries. If three countries in Africa are going through an Ebola epidemic, the other 44 must be too, right?

I also wanted to clarify that the mainland is 43 countries and Africa has 53 countries in total.


Urbanworld 2014: Selma panel discussion with Ava DuVernay and David Oyelowo

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