A Melizmatic Moment; “Stupid Shit People On the Internet Say”

So okay;

The internet is a wonderful tool for communicating with other people from all across the globe, exchanging ideas and learning about new things.

The downside is that not everyone who is on the ‘net has something to say that’s actually worth sharing.

Blah blah blah

For instance, the following example has to be one of the most glib, apathetic and idiotic comments that I’ve seen in a while; (and given the intellect-deficient nature of the web these days, that’s really saying something.)

Now that might sound just a bit harsh at first, but the way I see it is if I don’t laugh about it, I’ll surely cry from the sheer immensity of the willful stupidity.

(Please note that avatars and screen names have been concealed to protect the moronic.)

I can only HOPE she's trolling

IMO, attitudes like that one displayed in the screen-grab above is a large part of the reason modern society is so skewed and ineffective; complacent and nonchalant, the person addressing me seems to imply that exploitation is somehow ‘acceptable’ simply because it’s a widespread problem.

Like conscientious individuals have no inherent moral obligation to speak out against the inhumane atrocities that are perpetrated on others.

Well, I just can’t subscribe to such a defeatist way of thinking.
Just because unjust circumstances are not as “bad as they could ever possibly be“, that doesn’t make the aforementioned circumstances any better or more tolerable.

Kingsley says it best

As a wise man once stated:

Right on, Edmund Burke

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Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilege

Just to give some people a heads up; it was also picking on the fact that some men think it is okay to call women in their own ethnic group hoes, but outside of that particular ethnic group, you can’t call another ethnic group of women hoes. Basically saying sexism is okay if it is perpetrated by Black men about Black women, but not White men to Black women.

So this isn’t just showcasing the stupidity or ignorance of some White Americans but Black Americans as well.

Not only men as well:

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