Amnesty International documents human rights violations by Ferguson police

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76 days ago Darren Wilson, a police officer with the Ferguson Police Department, shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown who was running away from him following a tussle with Wilson at Wilson’s police vehicle that ended with Wilson shooting Brown in the arm. Six independent eyewitnesses to the shooting said he had stopped running away from Wilson, turned around and raised his hands in the universally understood signal of surrender. Instead of arresting him, which he has been trained to do, he executed him with his gun.

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Just before midnight on Aug. 19, a longtime local cop named Ray Albers trained his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle on a protester in Ferguson, Mo., and told him he was about to die. “I will f——- kill you!” video shows the cop yelling at the protester, who said he had his hands raised. “Get back! Get back!”

When asked his name, Albers, who was suspended and resigned soon afterward, seethed, “Go f— yourself!”

This altercation was one of many disturbing encounters enumerated in an Amnesty International report released Thursday night that paints a damning portrayal of the Ferguson police force, which it accuses of committing numerous human rights abuses. The report was deeply skeptical of whether Ferguson cop Darren Wilson was justified in the killing of unarmed Michael Brown, criticized Missouri law it said violates international standards and condemned the local police response for shooting tear gas and rubber bullets, intimidating protesters and restricting residents’ right to peaceful assembly.


Amnesty cited a Missouri statute that says a police officer may use deadly force “in effecting an arrest or in preventing an escape from custody” when that officer “reasonably believes that such use of deadly force is immediately necessary to effect the arrest and also reasonably believes that the person to be arrested … has committed or attempted to commit a felony.”

A grand jury in St. Louis County is weighing whether or not Wilson should be charged in Brown’s death. Wilson has not spoken publicly about the incident.

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 It’s nice to have people you trust and can rely on in your life, but it is always best to build yourself up. What do I mean by that? People can and sometimes will disappoint you; friends, family and co-workers. Those disappointments can leave you stranded, or leave you behind on your work and your ambitions in life. There have been moments where I have missed out on opportunities by waiting on others and it was my own fault at the end of the day. Yes it is harder learning new things or having to work from the ground up instead of relying on a friend/co-worker who already has that particular skill set, but if you are passionate about your craft then you’ll take the time to learn. Leave a comment if you’ve been through something along the lines of this topic, and how did you handle it? 

Having said that, I’ll leave you with Nat King Cole & George Shearing: “Pick Yourself Up”.

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