Moorland Spingarn

n 1914, Dr. Jesse E. Moorland, a Black theologian who was an alumnus and trustee of the University, donated his private library, at that time considered one of the most significant collections of Black related materials in existence.Dr. Moorland‘s donation reflected the efforts of African Americans to take a leadership role in the documentation, preservation, and study of their own history and culture. His collection provided the catalyst for the centralization of the University Library‘s other Black related materials, which became known collectively as the Moorland Foundation.



Hero Cops: Rescue in South Carolina and California

After spending 18 hours trapped in her car at the bottom of a 500-foot deep ravine, a California woman was rescued by officials Tuesday morning — thanks to an ingenious police officer and an app on her iPad.

Melissa Vasquez, 28, lost control of her Chevrolet Cruze around 2 p.m. Monday, driving off the road east of San Jose, California, and tumbling hundreds of feet down a steep slope, ultimately coming to rest in a spot where the OnStar GPS system in her car couldn’t pinpoint her precise location, say police.

At 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Vasquez’s family called the police to report her missing after she failed to return home. Campbell Police Officer Dave Cameron, who responded to the house, asked her family if Vasquez had an iPad with “Find My iPhone” on it — an app that lets a user remotely track down their phone in the event they misplace it.

John Wick Movie Review


An even better review from “Double Talk”:

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