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This site looks as many of the Black heroes in the course of history, pioneers and ground breakers in different fields, and brings recognition to those who have worked to overcome obstacles to become heroes.

The site is meant to inspire those who face challenges in chasing their dreams so they they may one day become heroes to their community and to society in general.

The site includes profiles of each hero, as well as podcasts and videos. We hope that you find this site useful and would love to hear comments and suggestions.

While the site helps to provide a focus on some of the heroes of Black history, it is not just about Black history, it is about all of our history.

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A Melizmatic Moment; Being the “Architect of One’s Own Demise”…

George Carlin once said:

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider than that.”

Sadly it seems that one of my favorite satirists is right once again, because there simply is no other way to explain this incident that happened at a Dallas airport last week:

Seriously bro

Who does that?

And on camera, no less.

Now, say what you will about perceived morality and other people’s lifestyles; but no matter who you are or what belief system you may adhere to, the entire scenario in the video is just completely moronic.

Ever since the horrific tragedy of 9/11, all US airports have been a veritable hotbed of hyper-paranoia on the part of the security agencies tasked with the job of protecting them from terrorist threats, (much to the annoyance of most travelers who have little choice but to frequent them.)

So in what world is it EVER a “good idea” to pick a fist-fight when you’re flying somewhere???

No matter what a person may be upset about, no matter what religious or moral convictions one may have, physical assault is still a crime punishable by law.

(It probably carries an even heavier punishment when the aforementioned assault happens on government sanctioned property.)

Now to be fair, the guy in the footage who verbally and then physically attacked another person appeared to be very inebriated, but that still doesn’t negate the willful stupidity of his actions.

Or maybe there’s some mental instability involved there as well, you never know.

All I can say for sure is this:

If there actually is a covert agenda in place by the powers that be to ‘dumb down’ the average citizen, it sure seems to be working.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and why I would have preferred a different actor

I like Benedict as an actor and I’m sure he will do a decent job in portraying Doctor Strange and maybe even better than decent. That being said I am tired of Hollywood sticking with their current batch of actors/actresses and ignoring other talent. I would have loved for them to have chosen Pedro Pascal as Dr. Strange; Pedro played Oberyn in Games of Thrones and killed it. He did such an awesome job, that I was hoping his character survived despite having the knowledge that his reign on the show will come to a bloody end.  

Hollywood seems to have a problem with picking talented people who aren’t White or well established and it is sad that many actors/actresses never will get their foot into the game because of this. You have Scarlet Johansson (who I like) given the offer to play lead character in Ghost In A Shell, Akira with a mostly White cast, Exodus lead roles mostly White actors, etc. Will minorities actors ever get a chance to part-take in their cultures on the big screen as well? Will diverse strong female leads ever be represented? 


Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly in “final negotiations” to play Doctor Strange for Marvel Studios.

The news comes via Deadline. Doctor Strange was recently name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The British actor was first reported to be on Marvel’s wish list some months ago, but then Joaquin Phoenix was approached for the role. Ultimately, Phoenix wouldn’t commit to a multi-film contract.



What have the Africans done for Sicily?


What have the Africans done for Sicily?.

Why posts like this are no longer of interest to me?

Beyond Ignorance


I am not going back to posts or any other purposely misdirected racial drivel anymore; conversing with others in that much of a cesspool is pointless and worthless.

There are a lot of things that are debatable, and I’m open for that but 99% of the things the user said is moronic. Someone like that is far beyond my reach, and I’m sure her views on Black Americans doesn’t fair better.

Whatever she feels to be the stereotypical African plight/genetics or stereotypical Black person isn’t of my concern. At least not towards her; in addition to myself thinking that certain stereotypes are retarded anyway. Who cares if many Black people like a healthy fruit like water-melon, or many like fried chicken? I never thought it to be funny, and it isn’t stereotypical; it is just a jedi-mind-trick to make others feel insecure about things they shouldn’t feel insecure about. In this stage in my life I am way above that.

So I’ll leave you guys/ladies with this:

Hannibal, Abram Petrovich \ Gannibal, A. P. (1696?–1781)

Abram Petrovich Gannibal is the Russian-African Politician, General, Philosopher and Scientist Extraordinaire. Abram Petrovich is founding father of calculus, modern mathematics and the science of rocketry or rocket propulsion, among numerous accomplishments, including the opening and organisation of the first higher education establishment in Russia, the University of Moscow. This astonishingly astute and academically assiduous Russian of African descent made the reign of Tsar Peter great.

Sold into Turkish slavery, Abram Petrovich Hannibal was brought as a black servant to Czar Peter I, known as Peter the Great. He became one of the royal favorites, a general-in-chief, and one of the best educated men in Russia in his era. His great-grandson was Alexander Pushkin, the famous Russian writer who later glorified the deeds of his black ancestor in his book, The Negro of Peter the Great. Hannibal was born on an unknown date around 1696 in the principality of Logon in present day Cameroon. Abducted by a rival ethnic group, Hannibal was sold to Turkish slave traders who brought him to Constantinople in 1703. As an eight-year-old boy he was brought to the court of Peter the Great who adopted him immediately. Being the Czar’s godson, Hannibal assumed his name, Petrovich, and became his valet on Peter’s various military campaigns and journeys. When the Czar visited France in 1716, Hannibal was left behind in Paris to study engineering and mathematics at a military school. Two years later, he joined the French army and fought in the war against Spain. In January 1723, Hannibal finally returned to Russia.

– See more at: http://www.blackpast.org/gah/hannibal-abram-petrovich-gannibal-p-1696-1781#sthash.wAe1eadL.dpuf

Hugh Barnes, Gannibal: The Moor of Petersburg (London: Profile Books, 2005); Allison Blakely, Russia and the Negro: Blacks in Russian History and Thought (Washington, D.C.: Howard University Press, 1986); N. K. Teletova, “A.P. Gannibal: On the Occasion of the Three Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Pushkin’s Great-Grandfather,” Under the Sky of My Africa: Alexander Pushkin and Blackness, Ed. Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy, Nicole Svobodny, and Ludmilla A. Trigos (Evanston, Northwestern University Press, 2006). – See more at: http://www.blackpast.org/gah/hannibal-abram-petrovich-gannibal-p-1696-1781#sthash.wAe1eadL.dpuf

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