A Melizmatic Moment; Being the “Architect of One’s Own Demise”…

George Carlin once said:

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider than that.”

Sadly it seems that one of my favorite satirists is right once again, because there simply is no other way to explain this incident that happened at a Dallas airport last week:

Seriously bro

Who does that?

And on camera, no less.

Now, say what you will about perceived morality and other people’s lifestyles; but no matter who you are or what belief system you may adhere to, the entire scenario in the video is just completely moronic.

Ever since the horrific tragedy of 9/11, all US airports have been a veritable hotbed of hyper-paranoia on the part of the security agencies tasked with the job of protecting them from terrorist threats, (much to the annoyance of most travelers who have little choice but to frequent them.)

So in what world is it EVER a “good idea” to pick a fist-fight when you’re flying somewhere???

No matter what a person may be upset about, no matter what religious or moral convictions one may have, physical assault is still a crime punishable by law.

(It probably carries an even heavier punishment when the aforementioned assault happens on government sanctioned property.)

Now to be fair, the guy in the footage who verbally and then physically attacked another person appeared to be very inebriated, but that still doesn’t negate the willful stupidity of his actions.

Or maybe there’s some mental instability involved there as well, you never know.

All I can say for sure is this:

If there actually is a covert agenda in place by the powers that be to ‘dumb down’ the average citizen, it sure seems to be working.


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  1. Latti Ice

     /  October 27, 2014


    Beyond dumb……some people; I can’t anymore. Kudos to everyone else though. I guess one can look at that incident in a positive way; the man in the cowboy hat and others did the right thing.

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