Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and why I would have preferred a different actor

I like Benedict as an actor and I’m sure he will do a decent job in portraying Doctor Strange and maybe even better than decent. That being said I am tired of Hollywood sticking with their current batch of actors/actresses and ignoring other talent. I would have loved for them to have chosen Pedro Pascal as Dr. Strange; Pedro played Oberyn in Games of Thrones and killed it. He did such an awesome job, that I was hoping his character survived despite having the knowledge that his reign on the show will come to a bloody end.  

Hollywood seems to have a problem with picking talented people who aren’t White or well established and it is sad that many actors/actresses never will get their foot into the game because of this. You have Scarlet Johansson (who I like) given the offer to play lead character in Ghost In A Shell, Akira with a mostly White cast, Exodus lead roles mostly White actors, etc. Will minorities actors ever get a chance to part-take in their cultures on the big screen as well? Will diverse strong female leads ever be represented? 


Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly in “final negotiations” to play Doctor Strange for Marvel Studios.

The news comes via Deadline. Doctor Strange was recently name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The British actor was first reported to be on Marvel’s wish list some months ago, but then Joaquin Phoenix was approached for the role. Ultimately, Phoenix wouldn’t commit to a multi-film contract.

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  1. Hollywood does have an irritating golden-child syndrome that they seem to cling to until their box-office earners finally quit earning — and sometimes even past that. It’s a symptom of their big budget woes, I think; they need to shore up their movies with known quantities so they can’t possibly fail, even if they end up being dull retreads.

    And while I’m a Cumberbatch fan and haven’t watched Game of Thrones, I have to say that from those pics, Pedro Pascal is almost a dead ringer for Dr. Strange. Yow.



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