Hannibal, Abram Petrovich \ Gannibal, A. P. (1696?–1781)

Abram Petrovich Gannibal is the Russian-African Politician, General, Philosopher and Scientist Extraordinaire. Abram Petrovich is founding father of calculus, modern mathematics and the science of rocketry or rocket propulsion, among numerous accomplishments, including the opening and organisation of the first higher education establishment in Russia, the University of Moscow. This astonishingly astute and academically assiduous Russian of African descent made the reign of Tsar Peter great.

Sold into Turkish slavery, Abram Petrovich Hannibal was brought as a black servant to Czar Peter I, known as Peter the Great. He became one of the royal favorites, a general-in-chief, and one of the best educated men in Russia in his era. His great-grandson was Alexander Pushkin, the famous Russian writer who later glorified the deeds of his black ancestor in his book, The Negro of Peter the Great. Hannibal was born on an unknown date around 1696 in the principality of Logon in present day Cameroon. Abducted by a rival ethnic group, Hannibal was sold to Turkish slave traders who brought him to Constantinople in 1703. As an eight-year-old boy he was brought to the court of Peter the Great who adopted him immediately. Being the Czar’s godson, Hannibal assumed his name, Petrovich, and became his valet on Peter’s various military campaigns and journeys. When the Czar visited France in 1716, Hannibal was left behind in Paris to study engineering and mathematics at a military school. Two years later, he joined the French army and fought in the war against Spain. In January 1723, Hannibal finally returned to Russia.

– See more at: http://www.blackpast.org/gah/hannibal-abram-petrovich-gannibal-p-1696-1781#sthash.wAe1eadL.dpuf

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