Why posts like this are no longer of interest to me?

Beyond Ignorance


I am not going back to posts or any other purposely misdirected racial drivel anymore; conversing with others in that much of a cesspool is pointless and worthless.

There are a lot of things that are debatable, and I’m open for that but 99% of the things the user said is moronic. Someone like that is far beyond my reach, and I’m sure her views on Black Americans doesn’t fair better.

Whatever she feels to be the stereotypical African plight/genetics or stereotypical Black person isn’t of my concern. At least not towards her; in addition to myself thinking that certain stereotypes are retarded anyway. Who cares if many Black people like a healthy fruit like water-melon, or many like fried chicken? I never thought it to be funny, and it isn’t stereotypical; it is just a jedi-mind-trick to make others feel insecure about things they shouldn’t feel insecure about. In this stage in my life I am way above that.

So I’ll leave you guys/ladies with this:

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