I Could Have Saved

I wish I could save all the lost and abandoned souls within this world. To dry all tears, heal all pain, and replace solace over shame. To really absorb the needless suffering so many endure, because I never really stopped to listen.

I didn’t stop for the Afghan boy who parents were killed from shots above. I didn’t stop for the improvised, while my belly stayed quite full, I didn’t stop for the shouts of agony from torment by my own inaction.

How is it my fault?

I didn’t kill the Afghan boy’s parent, I never starved a soul, and I’ve never tormented anyone in any shape or form. I just paid through taxes the deeds that support these atrocities, I just made excuses for why things are the way they are, and sometimes made justifications as why it had to be so.

But if I had admitted to carrying some of these burdens, I could have saved.

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