Candace of Meroe

Kandake “Candace” of Meroe

A very famous Kandake was “Candace” of Meroe; she was the queen of Nubia at the time of the conquests of Alexander the Great. According to legend, Alexander encountered her when he invaded Nubia. However, Alexander never attacked Nubia; but keep reading anyway.

The story unveils that when Alexander attempted to conquer her lands in 332 BC, the Kandake arranged her armies strategically to meet him and sat regally on a war elephant as he approached. Talk about showmanship.

Having assessed the strength of her armies, Alexander decided to withdraw from Nubia, heading to Egypt instead. Another story claims that Alexander and Candace had a romantic encounter, there has to be a movie here.

The whole story of Alexander and Candace’s encounter is unfortunately what legends are made of.

The Western name “Candace” is actually a form of the title “Kentake”, try explaining that one in Small town, USA to a bunch of Candy’s.

Because of the ongoing deciphering of ancient Meroitic script, an impressive series of Kushite warrior queens are only starting to make an appearance in history. These women not only controlled Sudan, but parts of Egypt and Ethiopia too.

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