Hip Hop Is Dead



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  1. Adam

     /  November 13, 2014

    The delineation between Hip Hop as a product as opposed to a genre is brilliant. Never thought of it that way. When did the music stop reflecting the struggles endured by the artists and its constituents rather than promoting an unattainable celebrity lifestyle? For me, that’s when Hip Hop died.


    • Latti Ice

       /  November 14, 2014

      Hey Adam; hopefully CJ will respond, since he is in 100% agreement with you and created the post. I have to disagree with both of you though. Hip Hop is such a huge culture with so many sub-genres; to say it is dead, because of a slither of representation (mainstream) would be inaccurate. What about the other genres outside of the mainstream? How is Hip Hop dead when you have Nerdcore, Alternative hip hop, Avant-garde hip hop, Cloud rap, Lyrical hip hop, Metal Rap, and the sub-genres go on and on. Rap music isn’t even close to be the majority of Hip Hop; it is the cross-over portion, which is why it is more visible. To stay true to my word Adam, here is a list of Hop Hop artist you can check out:

      1) Akala
      2) MF Doom
      3) Logic
      4) Louis Logic
      5) UK Logic
      6) Joey Bada$$
      7) Noname Gypsy
      8) Rapsody
      9) Dr. Awkward
      10) MC. Frontalot
      11) Queens D.Light

      Look outside of mainstream and you won’t be disappointed ^_^, as in most popular musical genres these days.


  1. Hip Hop Music Isn’t Dead and Shouldn’t Be Marginalized | Sincere Ignorance

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