Elephants; Spirit Animals



Pinky the Baby Elephant
by Lisa Wright

Pinky was born on a bright and sunny day,
a pink elephant in a gray herd.
“Oh! What a wonder!” his parents did say,
telling the herd. Then the herd spread the word.
“A pink elephant was born to us this day!”
“Let’s go to see him!”, they would exclaim.
Like drums of thunder from near and far away,
they rolled across the African plain.
“Oh, when they see my pink skin, what will they say?
Will they look upon me in disdain?”
Then Pinky got scared and went to hide away.
He told himself, “I am not the same.
They will never want me to come out and play.”
Elephants being so good and true
tried to coax him out, but Pinky would not sway.
The elephants knew just what to do.
Decidedly they side by side in array.
Then lifted up their trunks in a trumpeting song.
When he heard their trumpets, he thought “I’m okay!
I may be pink but it’s here that I belong.”


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