The African presence and survival in America

The African presence and survival in America, a story of interest to all
African Americans have a long, eventful history and a rich culture that fascinates not only themselves but others as well. African American history is often tragic but has also shown persistent survival against all odds and even at times triumph. The story of African Americans has involved much difficulty and struggle but yet much overcoming, endurance and accomplishment. Africans and their descendents have helped to build America in many ways: work, culture, inventions, military service, social refrom, politics, art, music, sports and cooking are a few examples. Their many contributions – though never adequately recognized or given credit – made America successful and powerful. African American labor, for example, made America rich and a commercial leader in the world economy. Furthermore, African American music, entertainment and cultural style became globally imitated and sought after.;jsessionid=f83025881416457971918?bhcp=1

The Positive Tip: Black Women and Business




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