Azealia Banks: Will Her Personal Outspoken Views Sabotage Her Career?

I like the mixture of Rap/Hip Hop with House Music, I think its’ dope but will Azealia Bank’s heart felt outbursts on interviews and Twitter ruin her career? Here is my take; I love that the girl is raw and honest, I actually agree with some of her concerns. The problem is she can’t express those views absent of being confrontational, which makes her come off as crazy. As refreshing as it is, she is also extremely immature and comes off as a hypocrite at times. I love to have at least a dichotomy within an artist, but it can be someone’s downfall if they can’t express themselves in a less combative way. She reminds me of Kanye; compose/logical in one moment then becomes a bit crazy and all over the place with her views. Should this be problematic in an artsy where honesty should be valued even with disagreements?

Azealia Banks

1991 EP 2012


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