Genius by Marc Bernardin, Illustrated by Afua Richardson

afu richardson sincere delight

Afua Richardson is a profound illustrator and one of the best period.

Ed.—Tomorrow marks the release of Genius #1, the first in a five-part comic-book miniseries about a young woman from South Central L.A. who unites the city’s gangs and attempts to secede from the U.S. As one of our resident comics lovers said, it’s “fast-moving, smart, and appropriately cynical”; it’s also the rare instance of a black heroine, co-written and drawn by black creators, in a mainstream comic book. We asked co-writer Marc Bernardin (a veteran who’s done books for Marvel, been a deputy editor at Playboy, and written for the TV show Alphas) to write a piece charting his childhood voyage through the nerd-culture landscape—a landscape that rarely felt like a place he belonged.



Mick Jenkins: Chicago Hip Hop

The Water[s]

Chicago has undergone a creative renaissance in the past few years, one of a depth few anticipated. Compared with earlier regional moments, where local buzz propelled a handful of artists to the national stage, the Internet’s clear-glass window into this world—and the increased marketing savvy of even its least-established teenagers—has made the city’s multiple scenes appear saturated. This is further exaggerated by the reams of imitators the city’s bigger stars—Chief Keef and Chance the Rapper—have inspired. With limited oxygen in a competitive space, a raft of rookie artists have stubbornly hoisted themselves into the air, grasping for whichever angle best fits.


Black Sheep


New Comics|Kid Code: Channel Zero

 New Comics|Kid Code: Channel Zero

If you want Sci-Fiction/Fantasy on acid with urban flavor and style; this comic-book is for you. 

Kid Code: Channel Zero is a rollicking, cosmic, time-traveling adventure, fusing classic hip-hop culture and outlandish sci-fi fantasy in this alternate universe to create the ultimate mash-up.–1-products-9781495602207.php

Quixote by Deron Bennett

The following is an interview with Eisner Award-nominated Deron Bennett (letterer of Tale of Sand, Cyborg 009, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Masters of the Universe), writer of the creator-owned comic book series Quixote. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Jason Enright chats with Bennett about his sci-fi and fantasy take on the age-old Don Quiote tale, the process of working with artist Dan Mora and letterer Paul Little, and the future of the comic book series.

This interview was conducted on May 8, 2014.

Interview Link Below

Peep Game Comix




Music by MF Doom

Nowhere Man Graphic Comics

The series continues with Jacked Up, book two – the origin story the fans have been waiting for.

“Jerome Walford’s Nowhere Man is more than just a “comicbook,” it is a lyrical journey consisting of both lush words and exotic imagery that brings illustrated fiction to a new level of visually enticing storytelling that will envelop the reader in an entirely new experience that will cause them to wish that all visual narratives were this good.”
— Robert J. Sodaro,

Music by Madvillain

Allen Iverson: The Answer Documentary

NBA’s Greatest Rivalries Documentary

Diverse African Male/Female Fashion


Nubian Man


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