Nigerian Massacre and Lack of Coverage

Where is the media coverage and outrage over Boko Haram? Not many Black media outlets are even covering the atrocity, where 2,000 lay slain. I stand by Nigeria and the families who have lost so many of their loved ones to this barbaric act.

Nigeria has brought so much to our world in resources and culture.

Major agricultural products produced in Nigeria include cocoa, peanuts, palm oil, rice, millet, corn, cassava, yams, rubber, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, timber, and fish. Major commercial industries in Nigeria include coal, tin, textiles, footwear, fertilizer, printing, ceramics, and steel.

Trade. Oil and petroleum-based products made up 95 percent of Nigeria’s exports in 1998. Cocoa and rubber are also produced for export. Major export partners include the United States, Spain, India, France, and Italy.

-Countries and Their Cultures


Millions of Black Americans descended from West African countries like Nigeria and one of America’s biggest African immigrant groups are Nigerians.

Traditional African food culture has been preserved even today in many areas of American cuisine, as in the technique of deep fat frying, southern stews (gumbos), and nut stews.  Okra, tania, Blackeyed peas, kidney and lima bean were all brought on slave ships as food gathered in Africa for the Africans during the transatlantic voyage.  Fufu, a traditional African meal throughout the continent, was eaten from the Senegambia to Angola and was assimilated into American culture as “turn meal and flour” in South Carolina.  Corn bread prepared by African slaves was similar to the African millet bread.  In some of the slave narrative reports, “cornbread” was referred to as one of the foods that accompanied them to the New World.

For more on Nigeria’s contributions in art, music, cuisine, inventions, etc; click on the links below.

The fact that many Western people of African descent or people around the globe period aren’t outraged is beyond me, as if the U.S, Britain, France, and others haven’t gained from the Nigerian peoples’ innovation and labor. Nigeria is culturally embedded in the fabric of the U.S as France, Britain and Spain is. In fact all of West Africa is. The fight against terrorism should be a rigorous global effort or we all will pay the price for neglectfulness. 

Much Africanism simply became Americanisms, such as the banjo, jazz, and rhythm and blues (R&B). Herskovits pointed out that the elaborate etiquette of the South with respect for elders, its use of terms of endearment, kinship in speaking to neighbors, and general emphasis on politeness is African in origin. Whites have adopted African speech patterns and have retained such Africanisms as baton twirling, cheerleading, and expressions and words such as OK (Okay), bodacious, bozo (stupid), cooter (turtle), goobers (peanut), hullabaloo, holly-gully, jazz, moola (money), pamper and “Polly Wolly-Doodle,” wow, uh-huh, and unh-unh, daddy, buddy and tote, to list a few.

The American music you love so much stems from that region of the world, the Creole cuisine you love so much stem from that part of the world (yes, I know that include French, Native Americas and Spanish for Creole as well), the labor that made the United States and others wealthy, stem from that part of the world. 

 We as a nation, have to confront our biases and reflect on why some lives matter more than others to us. 


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