Top 10 African Empires

You can find most of these empires on Sincere Ignorance within the Ancient History section.

The distortion of African history

The Global Drought and the Battle Against Climate Change


Water, the universal solvent, provides the chemical base from which all life on Earth is derived. It is believed that our primordial soup started in the Earth’s warm oceans three and a half billion years ago. Though the Earth’s surface is over 75% covered with water (which perhaps means we should call our planet Aqua rather than Terra) only 4% of all the water on this Earth is fit for consumption by living things. And most of that free water is bound up as ice at the poles of the planet. We must all share that remaining 1% which can be found in all rivers, lakes and streams.

A day after Gov. Jerry Brown ordered drought-stricken cities to restrict water use for the first time in state history, Pierce College announced a plan to reflower its historic farm.

But if new rows of avocado, citrus and grapes should ever reach fruition next to fresh fields of hay and beefed up livestock, a new Pierce College Farm would be greener than green, officials say, saving every drop of irrigation water.

“We are going to maximize conservation, because we are concerned about water use,” said Leland “Dr. Cows” Shapiro, chairman of the Agriculture Department, which he has served since 1968. “We plan to use the most advanced conservation systems.

April 7, 2015 – With April snow measured at its lowest level on record, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) announced that Californians in cities and towns reduced their water consumption by just 2.8 percent in February. This dismal conservation rate is the lowest monthly figure since the State Water Board began tracking the data in July 2014. Today’s announcement comes just days after the State Water Board delivered a second notice to water rights holders – including those with senior water rights – of coming curtailments of their surface water supplies.

Ferguson Triples Black Political Representation

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