Alternative Media Bias

This is from an article that popped up a couple times in my Facebook feed. Both personal and professional. An article titled:

“Supreme Court Rules that Cops DO NOT Need a Warrant to Search Your Home”

Now, there’s already a redflag. The capitalized letters for “do not”. That’s a sign of sensationalism and click-baiting. The article goes on to imply that the cops do not need a search warrant to search your house.

Now, the law basically says if you have a roommate and if you both disagree on whether the police can come in and search your home, the police can search your home anyway. But if you just look at the headline, what would you have thought?

I expect this from Buzzfeed, gossip cites, etc. However a website that titles itself the Free Thought Project is kinda disappointing. The article itself was poorly written and it’s still difficult for someone to understand what exactly the law is about due to the author making a snarky or passive aggressive comment about the government every other paragraph.

In other words, you have no property rights slave, and we can snoop through your personal belongings if we wish.

Then, at the very end, the author clarifies what should’ve been clarified in the headline and the first sentence.

While this doesn’t particularly allow for police to choose and enter any home they wish, it is nothing to be downplayed, especially since Justice Ginsburg, one of their own, even stated that this could lead to even more erosion of what is left of the 4th Amendment.

This isn’t a shot at the website itself or even the writer. However, this is the problem with “alternative media” or “alternative journalism” they can be just as bias as your everyday right-wing cable news channel. Granted, this article in question did provide a video which summed up the ruling perfectly (the article couldn’t do that with 400+ words). However, this is why alternative media needs the same scrutiny that the mainstream media does. It does cover stories that the mainstream doesn’t, but when you’re presenting them in a bias or poorly constructed manner, you’re just as bad as the big ones.

Another problem is how these articles are shared like wildfire. Please stop sharing articles you don’t read. If you’re going to read just the headline and scroll through the comments for a few seconds, it’s really not worth even clicking on the article at all. Otherwise it’ll get the point where Snopes or Truth-O-Meter will have to debunk it.

Another thing to note: This ruling is from February. This article blew up on my timeline just recently, so I’m assuming the Gay Marriage ruling was the cause so Supreme Court cases are spreading around again.

That said, the ruling is pretty stupid.

See the article here:

Apply the same thing to clickbait headlines, Calvin. That’s all we have the patience for, apparently.

Marriage Equality

There isn’t much to say. Everyone’s been talking about it all day. However, I feel no commentary on the subject would be an insult to our brand. Gay Marriage, or Marriage Equality has been supported by the Supreme Court, with 5 of the 9 Justices realizing that what goes on in someone’s personal life is their business. Congrats for common sense prevailing today.

Which reminds me, we need have a talk about the Supreme Court. Expect an Extra Ignorance or video on that topic.

Gay and straight Americans alike unified and fought. And they won. You have a goal, change the way the culture thinks, push for changes in law, and you get success. Despite all the hate, ignorance, and pushback, gay people let their grievances be known and ended it. Though, I think Macklemore single-handily turned the tide for gay marriage (sarcasm, people).

I do have one issue. Gay community, I love you to death, but stop comparing the struggle of the LGBT to that of African-Americans. It’s your own unique experience and comparisons to racism are completely unneeded and unfair. Until you can point out a Transatlantic slave trade consisting of gay people, I’d rather leave those comparisons out. There are indeed some parallels, but when you get pictures like this:

I mean, c’mon. Besides, as straight black guy, I wouldn’t dare compare me being black to the nonsense LGBT people have to deal with on a constant basis. And I can never understand what it means to be LGBT. Though I can support and sympathize. Glad all those donations to LGBT organizations, talking to friends struggling with their sexual orientation and gender identity, and arguing with friends about homosexuality eventually paid off.

Other than that–love each other, get married. and get ready to contemplate divorce in a couple of years like the rest of us.

Now if we can only get the White House to speak so openly about race relations…

Confederate Flag Controversy

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Sincere Ignorance Podcast

Sincere Ignorance (7)

It’s here, the full, weekly podcast of Sincere Ignorance. A week early from its’ iTunes and Stitcher releases due to of the waiting period for the pending reviews and the fact I wanted critiques of any kind for improvement.

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This is not like our usual audio commentaries, this is the official promotional podcast.

First episode deals with the issue of classism, the following 2 episodes will deal with sexism and racism.


A History of Violence Against Black Churches

I question the logic and sanity of anyone who assumes today’s world is undoubtedly worse off , when it comes to the dark side of human nature. The mass shooting at a historically Black church in Charleston South Carolina, showcases the new degradation of our society; how far we have declined as a society. To those people I say, expand your knowledge of American and World history. Have we forgotten the four little girls murdered in the early 60’s or how White church goers in the early 1800’s brought guns to their sermons in fear of a revolt from the enslaved and free Black communities. As a country, let us not insult each other’s intelligence any further.

We are either going to face the race problem we have in the U.S, or become buried underneath it. It doesn’t matter that the majority of White society isn’t racist, because many of our government institutions are. Many laws and polices or sub-conscious thoughts are a direct cause of the mass shooting in  SC, the death of Walter Scott, the self-hate some African Americans/Black Americans have, the bad relationship between Black citizens and the police department; the history of lies society globally has made themselves believed and the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. Unless you are committed to digging yourself and others out of that hole, you really do not care about the race issues or disease our country suffers.

You can make the American dream a reality or you can continue to believe that we don’t live in two Americas.

Sincere Ignorance: Helen Keller

Helen Keller. Sometime during grade school, you learn about her story and how she’s a model for us all to overcome any disabilities and challenges we face. How her teacher and mentor, Anne Sullivan, represents enormous will and passion not to give up on our youth.

That’s it.

Her story ends. You learn she becomes successful later in life, but further details into her exploits are kept vague at best.

There’s a reason for that. For one, Keller was extremely critical of the government:

“Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means we choose between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. We elect expensive masters to do our work for us, and then blame them because they work for themselves and for their class.”

– Helen Keller in reference to the American political system.

“For our governments are not honest. They do not openly declare war against Russia and proclaim the reasons. They are fighting the Russian people half-secretly and in the dark with the lie of democracy on their lips and the indirect weapon of the blockade in their hands.”

– Helen Keller in an article published by the New York Call, November 10, 1919 in reference to a blockade of Russia by Japan, The United States, and Great Britain during Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War.

She was also a socialist.

You don’t hear much about that do you?

This is further proof of how Hollywood shapes Americans perceptions of so many things.

Yet this iconic scene from the 1967 film, The Miracle Worker is almost instantly recognizable, even for children.

Her being a socialist is public record, left around in numerous biographies, covered in documentaries. But she’s primarily know as “the blind and deaf child who overcame her disabilities with the help of a great teacher”. Which is an insult to someone who did so much afterward.

Well, her being a socialist is just the tip of the iceberg for this outstanding woman.

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Generation One

Fran Harris talks Wealth Building


5 Signs of Housing Discrimination: Simplified Ignorance

Housing discrimination, in short, is discrimination of certain groups of people as it pertains to housing. Think job discrimination, but with real estate.

6 Signs of Housing Discrimination

1: Unfairness and unequal treatment of tenants.

Example: Black tenants are not allowed to pay rent late, but white tenants are.

2: Falsely denying a property is available for sale or rent.

Example: Retail Lady: “Oh no, this apartment complex is full, but there’s another nice one on the other side of town!”

3: Unwillingness to rent to different groups of people.

Example: “I don’t rent to black people. They’re loud and lower the property value.”

4: Refusal to accommodate the disabled.

“I don’t care if you’re blind and he helps you, no dogs period. My rules.”

5: Ending a tenancy for prejudice reasons.

“We’ve been getting complaints from the neighbors. You have to go.” (Or some other suspiciously contrived reason.)

What can be done?

If you believe you’ve been discriminated against you can contact the U.s Department of Housing and Urban Development and make a claim. This claim must be made within a year of said discriminatory act happening.

Phone number:

  • 1 (800) 333-4636


Other things to note:

  • Landlords must give you a written, 30 day notice if they’re going to raise the rent. If you’re in a lease, a landlord may not raise the rent unless the lease agreement allowed this.
  • Landlords rejecting you on the basis of low or unstable income, past evictions (unless those were due to discrimination), and credit history is not housing discrimination.

There is a video we have created on this which will be released in the next few days along with the re-launch of our Youtube channel. This video will answer much more questions concerning housing and the powers of tenants and their landlords.

750-1900 Centuries of Greatness, The West African Kingdoms by Philip Koslow

Centuries of Greatness, is a great book to start off with, for those who do not know much about Ghana’s ancient history or West Africa’s ancient past as a collective.  You will learn immensely on the politics, economics, education, diverse ethnic groups, advancement in technology and more, from reading this book written by Philip Koslow. It will also dispel many myths on how sexuality was viewed, in addition to spiritual and religious beliefs.

For example, as Ibn Battuta traveled throughout Mali; he marveled at the beauty of the women who were treated with great respect and did not follow the Muslim practice of covering their faces in the presence of men. He also noted that the people of Mali were very free in sexual matters, with married men and women often having “companions” outside the family. He wrote:

A man may go into his house and find his wife entertaining her “companian”, but he takes no objection to it. One day at Walata I went into the qadi’s house. . . and found him with a young woman of remarkable beauty. When I saw her I was shocked and turned to go out, but she laughed at me, instead of being overcome with shame, and qadi said to me “Why are you going out? She is my companion.” I was amazed at their conduct, for he was a theologian and a pilgrim to boot. I was told that he had asked the sultan’s permission to make the pilgrimage [to Mecca] that year with his “companion” (whether this one or not I cannot say) but the sultan would not grant it.

Disclaimer; every culture with in Africa wasn’t exactly the same. Some had stricter codes or guidelines towards sexual activity, but usually in most of the cultures; people weren’t killed for their personal beliefs and attitudes towards the subject.


Upper classes in society converted to Islam while lower classes often continued to follow traditional religions. Sermons emphasized obedience to the king. Timbuktu was the educational capital. Sonni Ali established a system of government under the royal court, later to be expanded by Askia Muhammad, which appointed governors and mayors to preside over local tributary states, situated around the Niger valley. Local chiefs were still granted authority over their respective domains as long as they did not undermine Songhai policy.

Tax was imposed onto peripheral chiefdoms and provinces to ensure the dominance of Songhai, and in return these provinces were given almost complete autonomy. Songhai rulers only intervened in the affairs of these neighboring states when a situation became volatile; usually an isolated incident. Each town was represented by government officials, holding positions and responsibilities similar to today’s central bureaucrats.

Under Askia Muhammad, the Empire saw increased centralization. He encouraged learning in Timbuktu by rewarding its professors with larger pensions as an incentive. He also established an order of precedence and protocol and was noted as a noble man who gave back generously to the poor. Under his policies, Muhammad brought much stability to Songhai.


The number and frequency of conquests in the late 13th century and throughout the 14th century indicate the Kolonkan mansas inherited and or developed a capable military. Sundjata is credited with at least the initial organization of the Manding war machine. However, it went through radical changes before reaching the legendary proportions proclaimed by its subjects. Thanks to steady tax revenue and stable government beginning in the last quarter of the 13th century, the Mali Empire was able to project its power throughout its own extensive domain and beyond.

The Mali Empire maintained a semi-professional, full-time army in order to defend its borders. The entire nation was mobilized with each clan obligated to provide a quota of fighting age men. These men had to be freemen and appear with their own arms. Contemporary historians present during the height and decline of the Mali Empire consistently record its army at 100,000 with 10,000 of that number being made up of cavalry. With the help of the river clans, this army could be deployed throughout the realm on short notice.

Statism and The 5 Steps to Tyranny

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

Shout-out to my associate Tinka for sharing this to me, and this is one of the steps to Tyranny.

5 Steps To Tyranny; How Ordinary People Can Behave In Inhuman Ways?

Step 1: “Us” and “Them “Create a distinction

between the good decent people who are our the basis for our good

lives, and the vial pests who threaten our way of lives. We want them

Step 2: Obey Orders
Create a society where authority is obeyed.
This obeying of authority for the majority of the people is second
nature. This has been done in many societies since childhood.

Step 3: Do harm to “Them”
Have people do harm to this other group
even when against it may be against their better judgement using a
combination of Step 1 and Step 2 to create a situation where this
begins. This has been proven possible to happen by an experiment of
Stanley Milgram’s when he got volunteers to believe they were
electrocuting someone else. No electrocution happened and was simulated
but was to see if the volunteer would do it. And 2/3 of 900 American
volunteers (who knew nothing of the nature of the experiment) went up to
450 volts which was the maximum.

Step 4: “Stand up” or “Stand by”
This is the most crucial part,
and… can be summed up by the words with the words “All that is
necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund
Burke & Leo Tolstoy
This is often pointed towards the rise of
Hitler and only if people were to stand up in numbers, it wouldn’t have
happened. Though seemingly small, it is the most important part.

Step 5: Exterminate
With the combination of the previous 4 steps a
tyrannical regime has been created and all that is needed is to aim it
and hope for the “benefits” to be reaped.

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