African Meeting House


The Black Heritage Trail is a walking tour that explores the history of Boston’s 19th century African American community.

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Minnesota African American Museum and Cultural Center

The history of African Americans in Minnesota is rich, varied and sometimes difficult. The future for African Americans in the region is bright and beautiful. The Minnesota African American Museum (MAAM) celebrates the contributions made by African Americans in Minnesota and the Midwest. MAAM educates and ensures that future generations will have the knowledge, skills and information they need to compete and succeed for many years to come.”

“MAAM partners with local schools to host field trips, educational workshops and performances. The historic building serves as community space in which diverse organizations can promote cross-cultural understanding. The museum is an interactive classroom, a first-class gathering space and a beacon of hope.



 Minnesota North Star Pioneers

Native peoples and individuals from the world over have come together to make Minnesota the wonderful patchwork quilt it is. The Minnesota North Star Pioneers exhibit chronicles the journey of African Americans to Minnesota and documents the African American contribution to the settlement and development of the Midwest.

Black Baseball

Did you know baseball had a long history of African American players before legend Jackie Robinson ever hit the field? Explore the story of “Negro League” baseball and Minnesota’s many surprising contributions to baseball’s rich history.

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