Brandon Brooks Has More Sense than the Adults and Officer in that Neighborhood

There were a lot of moronic adults stating that the officer who physically assaulted a 14 year girl and was randomly arresting Black teens at the pool party was justified. Many of them believed more cops were needed for 7 people who supposedly was trespassing, a brief altercation between a mother/daughter and loud music during the day. You also had two White men seemingly protecting the police officer who assaulted the 14 year old girl, from the dangerous non-threatening Black teens from a Middle Class neighborhood. Although Middle class for Black Americans doesn’t provide the same security. 15 year old Brandon Brooks put the officer and the rest of the community to shame with his account.

This isn’t new; White society has always made simple acts from Black individuals or a group seem threatening, as police are called for frivolous actions like walking in the cold with ones hands in his/her pockets. It is ironic that White society has created this image of the pathology of violence by Black Americans, when systemically they are the ones committing it. Yes, I use the word ‘They’, though many Whites aren’t racist, many still support the actions of institutions that are, and many hold racial biases knowingly or unknowingly.

Stating the facts of this reality doesn’t mean Black Americans are off the hook as well, since many allow themselves to perpetuate these falsehood against their own ethnic group. Which is why you see some making excuses for White societies inaction or self internalizes negative beliefs against people who look like them.

And let us not forget…………..

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