5 Signs of Housing Discrimination: Simplified Ignorance

Housing discrimination, in short, is discrimination of certain groups of people as it pertains to housing. Think job discrimination, but with real estate.

6 Signs of Housing Discrimination

1: Unfairness and unequal treatment of tenants.

Example: Black tenants are not allowed to pay rent late, but white tenants are.

2: Falsely denying a property is available for sale or rent.

Example: Retail Lady: “Oh no, this apartment complex is full, but there’s another nice one on the other side of town!”

3: Unwillingness to rent to different groups of people.

Example: “I don’t rent to black people. They’re loud and lower the property value.”

4: Refusal to accommodate the disabled.

“I don’t care if you’re blind and he helps you, no dogs period. My rules.”

5: Ending a tenancy for prejudice reasons.

“We’ve been getting complaints from the neighbors. You have to go.” (Or some other suspiciously¬†contrived reason.)

What can be done?

If you believe you’ve been discriminated against you can contact the U.s Department of Housing and Urban Development and make a claim. This claim must be made within a year of said discriminatory act happening.

Phone number:

  • 1 (800) 333-4636


Other things to note:

  • Landlords must give you a written, 30 day notice if they’re going to raise the rent. If you’re in a lease, a landlord may not raise the rent unless the lease agreement allowed this.
  • Landlords rejecting you on the basis of low or unstable income, past evictions (unless those were due to discrimination), and credit history is not housing discrimination.

There is a video we have created on this which will be released in the next few days along with the re-launch of our Youtube channel. This video will answer much more questions concerning housing and the powers of tenants and their landlords.

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