A History of Violence Against Black Churches

I question the logic and sanity of anyone who assumes today’s world is undoubtedly worse off , when it comes to the dark side of human nature. The mass shooting at a historically Black church in Charleston South Carolina, showcases the new degradation of our society; how far we have declined as a society. To those people I say, expand your knowledge of American and World history. Have we forgotten the four little girls murdered in the early 60’s or how White church goers in the early 1800’s brought guns to their sermons in fear of a revolt from the enslaved and free Black communities. As a country, let us not insult each other’s intelligence any further.

We are either going to face the race problem we have in the U.S, or become buried underneath it. It doesn’t matter that the majority of White society isn’t racist, because many of our government institutions are. Many laws and polices or sub-conscious thoughts are a direct cause of the mass shooting in  SC, the death of Walter Scott, the self-hate some African Americans/Black Americans have, the bad relationship between Black citizens and the police department; the history of lies society globally has made themselves believed and the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. Unless you are committed to digging yourself and others out of that hole, you really do not care about the race issues or disease our country suffers.

You can make the American dream a reality or you can continue to believe that we don’t live in two Americas.


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