Sincere Ignorance Website

Myth: Sincere Ignorance website is a site for learning.

Truth: Sincere Ignorance website is a change agent, for the Black community and my dear brothers and sisters why do I say this?

The reason I say this is knowledge is power, the more knowledge we gather of our past, the more power we will gather for our future. In ignorance, we are manipulated, stepped on, and moved around like a chess piece without our permission or willingness. Knowledge is the shield that we can hold before us, knowledge is the power that we can bring change, not only for our community, buy also to these United States.

I am going to give you an example of ignorance that has affected us, since the days of slavery. You have heard many times the statement that White people, hate us. The truth is, that White people don’t hate us out of malice, but out of fear and ignorance of who we really are. It is there, our job is to educate them. I am saying this, because it is time, that this generation follow in the footsteps  of the great DrMartin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. It is time that our men and women stand up and speak the truth. It is time, that we pull back the curtains of stupidity, ignorance and racism with the shield and sword of knowledge, truth, and bravery.

In future articles, I will reveal to you how we have been used, abused, and lied to. I will reveal those that have taken advantage of our good-will and sadly to say, of our ignorance. I urge you brothers and sisters that you spread the word of the Black Knight. Tell your friends of Sincere Ignorance.

Join the revolution of knowledge.

Disclaimer, this is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of everyone at Sincere Ignorance.

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  1. Kushite Prince

     /  July 3, 2015

    They’re may not be televised. Just as long as it happens!

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