Is Al Sharpton Two Faced and Did Black Americans Not Utilize Obama’s Presidency?

I have to say I agree with what Yvette stated mostly and Boyce to an extent. Al Sharpton is disgusting, because he allows racism to run a muck and is silent when someone has the means to pay him off. That is extortion towards the Black community and is one of the main reasons a lot of the new Black organizations do not want to be bothered with him. Other groups of people have been pressuring president Obama since he first stepped into office, but Black people have been told to shut up and wait. Especially from people like Al Sharpton and entertainers like Whoopie Goldberg who believes Black people shouldn’t expect anything from their government. Yeah, I thought the government was suppose to protect and defend people civil liberties and constitutional rights but never-mind all that. It is the same attitude some have towards Black Lives Matter. When they want to pressure a candidate to make sure they are about defending, and championing their issues/concerns, people tell them to shut up or consider it begging.

Most of the encounters have been justified, the only disappointment is the clip with some people who claim to be apart of Black Lives Matter who confronted Hillary Clinton. They indeed failed miserably and seemed to be whiners. She was right, when she stated the public doesn’t care about feelings. They don’t; money and power talks and sympathy gets you nothing concrete at the end of the day. That being said, holding politicians accountable isn’t whining at all; just be clear as to what you want policy wise. No one cares about changing the hearts and minds of White society. It is a waste of time, energy and non-productive.

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