Do The White Thing

Weeksville is a neighborhood founded by African American freedmen in what is now Brooklyn, New York, United States, part of the present-day neighborhood of Crown Heights.

If the skit was funny, I would have laughed regardless of the content and my beliefs on the subject. Not only was it not funny, but obscenely offensive. Not every neighborhood that goes through gentrification was crappy until baseless hipsters came. In fact, there were nice areas in Brooklyn before the wave of hipster sponges. A lot of areas were great, with middle class Black and Hispanic families. Anyway, to sum this up so it won’t take long; Jimmy Kimmel isn’t funny, there are Black people who are environmentalist, and this marginalizing of Black people/behavior in comedy is getting way too old/corny.

The Black population in Brooklyn goes back to 1840s in the village of Weeksville named after a Black man named James Weeks. New York continued to grow and Weeksville eventually became a part of what is now called the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

Now, if a community was sitting on a gold mine and never treated it as such, never came together as a community and then bitched when other people come in knowing its’ worth; in that scenario I see no problem with it or people of all walks of life moving in. Everyone, or at least sensible people of all creeds want to live in a nice neighborhood. But hard-working people regardless of their ethnicity shouldn’t be pushed out while, apartments and homes sky-rocket to non-affordable prices.

According to the 2010 U.S Census Brooklyn has a Black population of 896,165 which is a drop from 939,316 counted during the 2000 Census. This drop signifies the migration of African Americans to outlying areas of New York City and those who are leaving the region all together. Today the communities of north and east Brooklyn are largely Black. The Flatbush area is also home to a large West Indian/Caribbean population. Although Harlem has the recognition, Brooklyn is a cultural giant in Black America. While gentrification has begun in Bedford-Styvestant and Crown Heights the Black population has been increasing in the easternmost part of the borough in the neighborhood of East New York.

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