Another Attack Grips Nigeria


Another attack has hit Nigeria, this time in Yola. Officials believe it was an attack from Boko Haram most likely. For those who do not know, Boko Haram has been causing terror in Nigeria for a while now. The terrorist group caused 2,000 death 10 months ago, near Lagos. No one has taken credit yet for the attack on the city of Yola, as of now at least 31 people are dead about an estimation of 72 injured.

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Refusal to Help Homeless Middle Eastern Refugees


Refusal to help the desolate, those fleeing from violence and hunger would leave another¬†scar on our nation. A scar that reflect a critical/pivotal time in history when we could have did the right thing and stand up for our verbally proclaimed principals, yet failed. I remember when Eric Holder said the United States was a nation of cowards, are we going to live up to those stinging words that many vehemently stated wasn’t true or uphold our convictions with honor?

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