Frederick McKinley Jones:Refrigerated Inventions


Frederick McKinley Jones (1893?-1961) was known for his mechanical aptitude and his curious and inventive mind. Largely self educated, Jones invented the first refrigerated transport system. This made it possible to ship food via plane, truck, boat or train anywhere in the world without it perishing.

Ticket Dispensing Machine
Removable Cooling Unit for Compartments.
Automatically Starting and Stopping Gas Engine.
Two-Cycle Gas Engine.
Two-Cycle Gas Engine.
Removable Cooling Unit for Compartments.
Preventing Frosting of Evaporator Heat Exchangers.
Air Conditioning Unit.
Starter Generator.
Means Operated by a Starter Generator for Cooling a Gas Engine.
Thermostatically Operating Gas Engine.
Rotary Compressor.
System for Controlling the Operation of Refrigeration Units.
Apparatus for Heating or Cooling the Atmosphere Within an Enclosure.
Two-Cycle Internal-Combustion Engine.
Prefabricated Refrigerator Construction.
Refrigeration Control Device.
Locking Mechanism.
Method and Means for Air Conditioning.
Method and Means of Defrosting a Cold Diffuser.
Method and Means for Preserving Perishable Foodstuffs in Transit.
Control Device for Internal Combustion Engine.
Thermostat and Temperature Control System.

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