Cops Plant Drugs and Guns on Black Men



New York

A former New York City narcotics detective testified in court that planting drugs on innocent people was common practice, a quick and easy way to boost arrest numbers.

According to the New York Daily News, the practice is known among NYPD officers as “flaking,” and officers in Brooklyn and Queens narcotics squads were doing a whole lot of it.

According to the DPA, the NYPD has recently come under fire recently for the arrests of more than 50,000 people last year for low-level marijuana offenses – 86% of whom are black and Latino – making marijuana possession the number one offense in the City. The group is also critical of the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk practice.

By all accounts, the former NYPD detective is a bad man who helped put innocent people behind bars for decades, used phony witnesses to get the job done, and even beating some suspects into false confessions.  And he is costing the city millions of dollars.  You know you’re bad when you have a reputation among prisoners for being crooked or when the district attorney begs the judge to throw out the convictions of people you arrested.

Dirty ex-cop Louis Scarcella's framing of innocent black men is costing NYC millions


In a massive six-year heist, six Philadelphia police officers viciously beat up drug suspects and stole more than $500,000 from the people they were investigating, federal agents said Wednesday.

The corrupt cops, who all specialized in narcotics investigations, were arrested Wednesday. Four of the officers were previously removed from street duty during the two-year federal probe, Philadelphia’s WPVI-TV reported.

Unity and Knowing Your History


Daniel Holtzclaw Allegedly Raped 13 Woman



13 Black women were allegedly raped by officer Holtzclaw who is currently on trial. The jury is all White and the trial has already turned into destroying the testimonies of the witnesses do to past mistakes or using character flaws as a tactic of discrediting.

Deaf Ears, A Letter Written to John Stossel In 2012: Political Correctness

  Latti Nerd Gangsta

Minnesota, MN


John Stossel


     Dear John Stossel,

I’m an avid viewer of your show Mr. Stossel; you bring many of the views I agree with up on your show and you also allow open discussions/topics from those of varying ideologies and opinions. It’s refreshing, especially how you let many express themselves, whether it’s correct or wrong. One episode did give me pause, even though I completely understood why Pat Buchanan was on your show; his views were not popular or accurate pertaining to ethnicity, and MSNBC gave him the boot because of it. I feel that decision was wrong, and not wise; why? Because it gave his comments legs to stand on and all views should be expressed in order for us to educate each other. At the same time freedom of expression and speech doesn’t not protect you from rebuttals from others and possibly losing your job, because of it. There is nothing stopping Buchanan from starting his own podcast, so he can have his delusional rants on race and president Obama.

I would love it, if you had some scholars that could give Pat Buchanan a respectful rebuttal. I wish I could do it myself, but talking in front of a live audience in general scares me. Comments like Pat’s do give off a false notion; “Minorities didn’t have any or little contributing factors to this country,” it is a dangerous and false notion. People really do believe Anglo Saxons are the sole builders of this nation or minorities did minimum contributions.  People express this attitude even though it was Black labor and innovation that made the U.S into an economic powerhouse. I would like to give you the unheard side of history, if you don’t mind.

The Revolutionary war wasn’t just fought by Anglo Saxon Americans, and we don’t only have European Founders of this nation. The Native people were the founders of The New World and were just as creative and sophisticated as some of the Europeans who landed on their shores. In addition to the forgotten free people’s of the continent of Africa who also came to the New World. The sad reality is, not only White Americans do not know these facts but many Black Americans as well. It’s not taught in school.

(In reference to this video)

Revolutionary War 

James Armistead Lafayette


Donald Trump’s Attacks Against Hispanic and Latin Americans

donald trump

Who will defend Ronald Sanchez and his family? Donald Trump is inciting racism, and violence against Hispanic/Latin Americans. Him along with others like Ann Coulter are spouting misinformation about certain ethnic groups. Lies such as immigrants do not work as hard as they use to or are not as smart as the ones of the past. (In the past immigration laws and policies worked in favor of Europeans, almost exclusively) Fallacies such as most immigrants are on welfare, rapist and a host of other nonsensical rhetoric that people who lack the intelligence to fact check would believe.

Black and Guilty

Why didn’t he go straight home? Why didn’t she put her phone away or leave the classroom, why did he run from the officer? All and more questions that have been used to rationalize or justify excessive force by officers and power crazed civilians who have  assaulted or killed innocent individuals. In the American public eyes, a Black victim has to be inhumanly unfathomable to be humanized; any character flaw is used as justification. Unlike White perpetrators who do horrific crimes; society tries to rationalize it by stating they have mental issues, maybe a poor upbringing, and other tactics the media goes to in order to show some humanity within a criminal. Interesting how Black victims are not afforded the same analysis.

The Child In Question

A lawyer for the 16-year-old student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina who was seen in a viral video being flipped over in her desk by a school resource officer, says the girl suffered injuries from the attack, according to the New York Daily News.

The lawyer, Todd Rutherford, told the News that his client suffered injuries to her face, neck, and arm. He also noted that she lives in foster care.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced Wednesday that the deputy, Ben Fields, who worked at the school as a resource officer, has been fired. But the sheriff placed the blame for the incident squarely on the shoulders of the child, essentially saying ‘she started it.’

The girl who was arrested was known as the quiet type and non-responsive daily. She didn’t speak to anyone, from what the students stated. There goes the verbal combative non-sense people were trying to spin it to. She is in orphan, so what do excuse makers have to say now?

Here is what classmate Niya states:

I commend Niya for defending her classmate and not blindly following authority. Niya doesn’t know the student who was violently thrown like a rag-doll personally, but she knows the difference between wrong and right apparently.

Lastly, arrested for disruption in class; are you freaking kidding me? What type of asinine crap have we allowed to seep into the American psyche, where arresting kids for being disruptive in class is okay? People were mad at attorney general Eric Holder (who I am indifferent towards) when he said, “America is a nation of cowards”. He was right to an extent, there are many cowards in American society who allow this police state to not only do harm to adults, but now our children. On top of that, the cowards try to extract the brave accolades of other Americans who had courage like Martin L. King as a reason of why the nation isn’t filled with cowards.

For most students, the pipeline begins with inadequate resources in public schools. Overcrowded classrooms, a lack of qualified teachers, and insufficient funding for “extras” such as counselors, special edu­cation services, and even textbooks, lock students into second-rate educational environments. This failure to meet educational needs increases disengagement and dropouts, increasing the risk of later court ­involvement. (1) Even worse, schools may actually encourage dropouts in response to pressures from test-based accountability regimes such as the No Child Left Behind Act, which create incentives to push out low-performing students to boost overall test scores. (2)

Black people on American shores have always been seen as innately criminal. This assumption of criminality traces back beyond before the very birth of this country. Even after Americans won their independence in the Revolutionary War, blacks who tried to escape from or fight their way out of enslavement were seen as thieves, stealing their own bodies from someone else.

The assumption of black criminality bears out in a variety of ways. Blacks only make up about 13 percent of the American population, but account for nearly half of the country’s prison population. Blacks are six times more likely to be incarcerated than whites, and they are sentenced for longer periods and put to death at higher rates than whites who commit the same crimes. The penal system aspires to be a state-sponsored reform program, but prison doesn’t exist in its current form as an attempt to rehabilitate black people so much as to remove them from society altogether.

Maybe it was the bystander effect, as to why others beside Niya, stood up for her classmate. I not only have a problem with the officer, but the school administrator and the teacher.

Do The White Thing

Weeksville is a neighborhood founded by African American freedmen in what is now Brooklyn, New York, United States, part of the present-day neighborhood of Crown Heights.

If the skit was funny, I would have laughed regardless of the content and my beliefs on the subject. Not only was it not funny, but obscenely offensive. Not every neighborhood that goes through gentrification was crappy until baseless hipsters came. In fact, there were nice areas in Brooklyn before the wave of hipster sponges. A lot of areas were great, with middle class Black and Hispanic families. Anyway, to sum this up so it won’t take long; Jimmy Kimmel isn’t funny, there are Black people who are environmentalist, and this marginalizing of Black people/behavior in comedy is getting way too old/corny.

The Black population in Brooklyn goes back to 1840s in the village of Weeksville named after a Black man named James Weeks. New York continued to grow and Weeksville eventually became a part of what is now called the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

Now, if a community was sitting on a gold mine and never treated it as such, never came together as a community and then bitched when other people come in knowing its’ worth; in that scenario I see no problem with it or people of all walks of life moving in. Everyone, or at least sensible people of all creeds want to live in a nice neighborhood. But hard-working people regardless of their ethnicity shouldn’t be pushed out while, apartments and homes sky-rocket to non-affordable prices.

According to the 2010 U.S Census Brooklyn has a Black population of 896,165 which is a drop from 939,316 counted during the 2000 Census. This drop signifies the migration of African Americans to outlying areas of New York City and those who are leaving the region all together. Today the communities of north and east Brooklyn are largely Black. The Flatbush area is also home to a large West Indian/Caribbean population. Although Harlem has the recognition, Brooklyn is a cultural giant in Black America. While gentrification has begun in Bedford-Styvestant and Crown Heights the Black population has been increasing in the easternmost part of the borough in the neighborhood of East New York.

New York City

Natural Hair Movement Continue to Rise


Relaxer Hair Sales Continue Decline as Black Hair Industry Aimed to Be Worth Over $774 Million

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