Do Black People Focus on Ancient Egypt Too Much?

At Sincere Ignorance, ancient Egyptian history isn’t the only African history we showcase and focus on. We talk about Northeast African civilizations period (Berber, Ethiopians, Moors etc) and their ancient influence on the Minoans, Greeks and Romans. We showcase West Africa’s influence on world as well, and more. As humans and especially as people of African descent, we should never limit ourselves in our quest for knowledge.

Dambe Martial Arts

Based on the ancient boxing traditions of Egypt, Dambe is a deadly striking art developed by the Hausa people of West Africa, many of whom traveled the land as butchers, moving from village to village performing combat ceremonies and taking on any challengers.

The primary weapon in Dambe is the strong-side fist, also known as the spear, which is wrapped in a piece of cloth covered by tightly knotted cord, while the fighter’s favored leg is wrapped in a thick chain. It’s as if kicking people in the face just wasn’t quite hardcore enough for the butchers of West Africa. They had to start wrapping their legs in jagged metal to really get their blood going.

Interesting side-note: Many of the modern-day Dambe fighting companies who travel the land performing for villages engage in the ritualistic smoking of marijuana before bouts.

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