Leadership Roles in the Black Community

Strong Leaders

Confederate Flag Controversy

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Positive Stats Pertaining to Black Men

Earlier this month, an attention-grabbing 30-second video, released by the Mystic Valley Area Branch of the NAACP and featuring Medford High School students, debunked many stereotypes and myths about young black men. But why stop there?


Almighty Street Team Movie

almighty street team

Hello everyone! First off, I would like to say simply, “Thank You!” Since we first announced this concept of “The Street Team” years ago, the support from everyone has been explosive and humbling. Street Team Studio is the umbrella company that unites four production studios and affiliate “members”. It is a multi-media company that focuses on putting out quality stories in a variety of formats, whether it be comics, video games or more. The founders are Shawn Alleyne, Joseph Currie, James Mason and Stanley Weaver, each possessing the added advantage of being creators themselves. 

The Almighty Street Team (Urban Shogun) embraces street/urban culture in the most brilliant way.

Urban Shogun: The Evolution of Combat
Follow the exciting adventures of students of an inner-city martial arts school and their Kung Fu Style wars on the streets of Atlanta. Specializing in updated forms of Five Animal Kung Fu, Tiger, Crane, Phoenix, Mantis and Cheetah protect the streets from criminals and their dangerous martial arts rivals – the Venom Clan!

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This is why it is important to work with people who are as passionate as you, dedicated, hardworking, material oriented and make no excuses for failure.  To Black people or anyone else period, make sure you work with people who are about their work and have a common goal as well; never sell yourself short. 

Being A Man 2014 | Being a Black Man

Representation of Black men I would like to see

I know Shonda Rhymes get a lot of flack, especially with Scandal but her portrayal of Black men have been dignifying and relates more so to my reality. Some of the movies/tv shows Black people (not all of course) have enjoyed have been the most saturated with tired notions of Black men/people. We have plenty of movies of Black men being buffoons or crackheads like in “Friday” and “Don’t Be A Menace“.  

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about laughing at oneself and ridiculous stereotypes or the attempt of trying to make people insecure about things they shouldn’t feel insecure about. That being said Black people are way more diverse than that and these jokes are getting old, which brings me back to Shonda. 

All of the Black male characters in Shonda’s shows have been dignified, intelligent and some based on historical figures. Black men for example have played a critical role in pioneering heart surgery and more pertaining to our cardiovascular system/health.

Who was Isiah’s character based off of?

Possibly Vivian Green, or Daniel Hale Williams, and I’ll add in Otis Boykin, so you can look him up as well. Three distinguished Black men, who pioneered heart surgery.

What about James Picken Jr’s character?

Based on Dr. Benjamin Carson, now his political beliefs are off, but his medical work in neurosurgery was pioneering.  

In reality every portrayal of Shonda’s Black male characters have been dignifying. 

Even on Scandal, Edison was right and Olivia was so, so wrong. He was a good man who cared for her and didn’t treat her like crap unlike someone else, so why the hate on Shonda?

My final point is, I enjoy and want to see more movies like The Great Debtors or  even well thought out villains like Denzel’s character in Training Day

Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilege

Just to give some people a heads up; it was also picking on the fact that some men think it is okay to call women in their own ethnic group hoes, but outside of that particular ethnic group, you can’t call another ethnic group of women hoes. Basically saying sexism is okay if it is perpetrated by Black men about Black women, but not White men to Black women.

So this isn’t just showcasing the stupidity or ignorance of some White Americans but Black Americans as well.

Not only men as well:

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