The Black Count | Thomas Alexandre Dumas

The Black Count

Thomas Alexandre Dumas fought his way to the top of the French army due to his cunning intellect, an elite swordsman and tenacity. He had the ability to drum up undying loyalty to whatever cause he supported and his charms/wit soon brought him conflict with Napoleon.

Gen. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas was one of the heroes of the French Revolution — but you won’t find a statue of him in Paris today.

He led armies of thousands in triumph through treacherous territory, from the snows of the Alps to the sands of Egypt, and his true life stories inspired his son, Alexandre Dumas, to write The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

How did the son of a Haitian slave and a French nobleman become Napoleon’s leading swordsman of the Revolution, then a prisoner, and finally almost forgotten — except in the stories of a son who was not even 4 years old when his father died?

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