Detroit Crumbling Public School | The War on Our Youth

school crises

Republicans and many Democrats are showing you they do not care about your children. They do not care about their well-being, their mental state, their education and their health. You as Black parents need to take the initiative to save your children and yourselves. 

Detroit’s students are trying to learn while breathing in black mold and sitting in classrooms filled with buckets catching toilet water leaking through the ceiling. And that’s not even the worst part.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder is not only using the financial emergency management laws to poison children in Flint; he’s doing the same thing in Detroit via the public school system, which the state has controlled for the last seven years. Darnell Earley, the same emergency manager who oversaw the changes in Flint’s water system, is currently in charge of Detroit’s public schools.

New Era Detroit

new era

New Era Detroit (NED) is an organization formed to restore black unity in black communities in Detroit as well as across the nation UNITY IS THE KEY!

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