PURGE: PAST UNSPOKEN – Book One Graphic Novel

PURGE: PAST UNSPOKEN – Book One Graphic Novel.


Akala: The Ruins of Empires Graphic Novel

‘The Ruins Of Empires’ — an epic poem. This graphic novel features illustrations by Tokio Aoyama (who also produced artwork for my latest album “The Thieves Banquet”). A story that follows ‘The Knowledge Seeker’ through the course of human history, via astral travel and multiple re-incarnations, in an attempt to discover the causes of the rise and fall of empires. Inspired by the French author C.F. Volney’s book of the same name.



Generate Comix: Dark Matter


GENERATE COMIX was created to generate, highlight and develop new science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy & horror from our Cultural and personal Vantage points. Our goal is to bring creatives together to generate exciting new comics, graphic novels, illustrated screenplays and film properties. In short, to generate the next level of Urban pop Entertainment/culture. Our principle team of creatives are…

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Nowhere Man Graphic Comics

The series continues with Jacked Up, book two – the origin story the fans have been waiting for.

“Jerome Walford’s Nowhere Man is more than just a “comicbook,” it is a lyrical journey consisting of both lush words and exotic imagery that brings illustrated fiction to a new level of visually enticing storytelling that will envelop the reader in an entirely new experience that will cause them to wish that all visual narratives were this good.”
— Robert J. Sodaro, Examiner.com


Music by Madvillain


Peep Game Comix

Peep Game Comix is an amazing online comic book site, where the digital art is top notch with amazing storytelling.

 Peep Game Comix is a digital comics platform dedicated to the work of African American creators (authors, artists, publishers).  We want to do our part in educating African American comic book fans about the wealth of creative work by our people.

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