Stranger Comics: The Untamed Review

A gripping tale of a stranger who has lost everything dare to him, yet have to face a trial that might cause him to lose what little humanity he has left. Stranger is an amazing story told by Sebastian A. Jones and illustrated by Peter Bergting; where words and illustration are beautifully synchronized. Peters’ illustrations/visual art reminds me of a crossbred between Samurai Jack and Skyrim, but much more polished and gritty. Loved how the dialogue flowed effortlessly and the transitioning smoothly. I enjoyed learning bits and pieces about the stranger’s past and his chance at redemption, but again by what means? Who will be the stranger’s salvation? Claiming seven souls, or an innocent girl?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Our flagship character is Guardian Prime. A Guardian is born once every 2000 years. Most live their lives without ever knowing who they truly are. The Gaya, the Mother Nature, awakens the Guardian within a host when the world needs it most. This time…the Guardian is Nigerian. Such is The Might of Guardian Prime.

The Fifth Issue of the Digital Comic featuring a super-powered Nigerian Hero bestowed with powers to become a Guardian of Nigeria and it’s people is out.


Joshua martins had always dug his nose deep in the books, marvelling at the nature of science never did he know that he would one day be part of one of sciences great anomalies, discovering that he was born with the ability of teletechnopathy and magnetism, this would eventually lead to him becoming the supersmart and witty hero and member of the extremes known as Nutech.



Quixote by Deron Bennett

The following is an interview with Eisner Award-nominated Deron Bennett (letterer of Tale of Sand, Cyborg 009, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Masters of the Universe), writer of the creator-owned comic book series Quixote. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Jason Enright chats with Bennett about his sci-fi and fantasy take on the age-old Don Quiote tale, the process of working with artist Dan Mora and letterer Paul Little, and the future of the comic book series.

This interview was conducted on May 8, 2014.

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Africomics: Change The Image, Change The Mind

The Black Superhero and Comic Book Portal. Your doorway to the Afro-fantastic. Tired of visions of the future where black people and Africa dont seem to exist? Weary of worlds where black superheroes are an after-thought? Then this is your home, we have been waiting for you.

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