Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Dressing Up As Other Races

Trick or Treat: Infected

Warning, mild violence:

With the spread of a demonic infection, Kevin struggles to survive in a world that forces him to face his crippling fears and overcome the painful guilt that threatens to destroy his mind.

Trick or Treat; Perished

Warning, nudity, profanity, gore etc.

Trick or Treat: Halloween Unmasked

Dead Birds Movie Review: Joe Finsternis



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October Feast: IMPUNDULU


The Impundulu is a bird from the mythology of Pondo, Xhosa and Zulu from Africa. The name translates as ‘Lightning Bird’. It is as large as a human and is coloured black and white. However some stated that the bird had red to green irredescent feather much like that of a peacock. It gets its name from its power to summon lightning bolts from its wings and talons. Sometimes the bird would transform into a handsome charming young man who seduced women. These women would become its victims as the bird ferociously killed them and sucked their blood.

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