Marriage Equality

There isn’t much to say. Everyone’s been talking about it all day. However, I feel no commentary on the subject would be an insult to our brand. Gay Marriage, or Marriage Equality has been supported by the Supreme Court, with 5 of the 9 Justices realizing that what goes on in someone’s personal life is their business. Congrats for common sense prevailing today.

Which reminds me, we need have a talk about the Supreme Court. Expect an Extra Ignorance or video on that topic.

Gay and straight Americans alike unified and fought. And they won. You have a goal, change the way the culture thinks, push for changes in law, and you get success. Despite all the hate, ignorance, and pushback, gay people let their grievances be known and ended it. Though, I think Macklemore single-handily turned the tide for gay marriage (sarcasm, people).

I do have one issue. Gay community, I love you to death, but stop comparing the struggle of the LGBT to that of African-Americans. It’s your own unique experience and comparisons to racism are completely unneeded and unfair. Until you can point out a Transatlantic slave trade consisting of gay people, I’d rather leave those comparisons out. There are indeed some parallels, but when you get pictures like this:

I mean, c’mon. Besides, as straight black guy, I wouldn’t dare compare me being black to the nonsense LGBT people have to deal with on a constant basis. And I can never understand what it means to be LGBT. Though I can support and sympathize. Glad all those donations to LGBT organizations, talking to friends struggling with their sexual orientation and gender identity, and arguing with friends about homosexuality eventually paid off.

Other than that–love each other, get married. and get ready to contemplate divorce in a couple of years like the rest of us.

Now if we can only get the White House to speak so openly about race relations…

Help Stop Police Brutality

I was impressed with the meeting at the Urban League, Plymouth MN; people brought up great solutions, started their own organizations and were serious about this. It was inspiring.

We need your signature, and much more!

The Proposal: The Committee for Professional Policing has worked out a method to hold individual police officers responsible for their own conduct, in a manner similar to doctors, nurses, and other professionals who hold our lives in their hand. Officers would be required to carry liability insurance which would cover conduct that is willful and in violation of the law or police policy. The city could pay the base rate of the insurance premiums, but officers would have to pay any increases in their premiums due to their personal history. Too many claims or other evidence of risk would cost the officer extra, an effective form of discipline. Consistently brutal cops would become uninsurable, and could therefore not continue on the Minneapolis police force.

For more information on the petition:

If you want to get things done, then we need action; no more talk or just marching.

Contact information: or call Campaign Coordinators Eric Schiltz 612-715-8784 and Eric Bauer 612-384-0277

Have you been beaten or abused by police?

Communities United Against Police Brutality:

24-Hour Hotline: 612-874-STOP (612-874-7867)

Meeting place: 4200 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis.

August 28th @ 6:00pm, Solidarity rally for Mike Brown; Hennepin County Government Center

For more information go to

Disrupt┬áMass Incarceration “Take The Power Back”

Featuring former inmate activist Manu Lewis, former inmate Nick O, with poetry by Sol ‘Rebel’ Ras.

Saturday Aug 23rd, 12:00pm

North Regional Library,

1315 Lowry Ave N Minneapolis MN 55411

In the upstairs “North” conference room.

Childcare and refreshment will be provided.



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