The Talented Five

Keith Stanfield

From his powerful scenes in Selma, his breakout stardom in Short Term 12 and Keith’s amazing music. This man is multifaceted and has a bright future ahead of him in the music and film industry. Currently he is set to play Snoop Dogg in upcoming film Straight Out of Compton.

Chad Boseman

Before joining the Marvel universe, Boseman has proven that he has the skills and versatility to play any character. Boseman has played Jackie Robinson and James Brown; both showcasing his acting chops though Hollywood still dismissed him after he couldn’t find work after 42. Thankfully Hollywood has wised up, because Boseman acting skills far surpasses many of the current so called rising stars that seem to not have even an ounce of the talent Boseman possesses.  We will definitely be seeing more of Chad Bosman.

David Oyelowo 

David Oyelowo is an amazing actor who has starred in some great films; Middle of Nowhere and Selma, directed by the genius Ava DuVernay, in addition to A Most Violent Year.  David’s careers has been on a steady climb, but his recent film Selma has shattered that slow build and turned it into a fast train. It is something that I am happy about, because David really does deserve it. You will see more of David in Nina, Queen of Katwe and much more. One Oscar snub isn’t going to derail such a fine actor. 

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan popped up on my radar when I saw the film Chronicle in 2012, from then on I knew this man was going to become a breakout star/talent in Hollywood. His heartbreaking portrayal as Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station just cemented him as being an amazing actor to me and one that has made excellent choices in the films he goes after. I’m waiting in anticipation of his new venture in Fantastic Four and beyond.

John Boyega

John’s breakout hit came from Attack The Block and from then on he has been going full steam ahead. Another Brit like David and Idris Elba, John will soon be another well known name to the American public. His new role in Star Wars VII this year is going to make that a reality and with the promise this young actor holds, much more to come.

Comic Book Shows, Over-saturation?

Starting this fall, there will be five comic book TV shows on broadcast television, with two mid-season replacements waiting just off panel. Plus, comic book TV juggernautThe Walking Dead marches on at AMC, and between AMC and Syfy alone, there are at least 7 more series in various stages of development, with others coming to other networks, or even (like Powers) to other delivery platforms altogether (that’s debuting on the Sony PlayStation Network), or the Marvel Studios – Netflix team-up coming later next year.

To help make sense of it all, here’s where we stand in the world of comic book TV series (focusing solely on live-action here) with things like premiere dates, airing times, principal cast, and official descriptions when applicable. This information is ever-changing, and we’ll endeavor to keep this very page as up-to-date as humanly possible as news arrives.

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Genius by Marc Bernardin, Illustrated by Afua Richardson

afu richardson sincere delight

Afua Richardson is a profound illustrator and one of the best period.

Ed.—Tomorrow marks the release of Genius #1, the first in a five-part comic-book miniseries about a young woman from South Central L.A. who unites the city’s gangs and attempts to secede from the U.S. As one of our resident comics lovers said, it’s “fast-moving, smart, and appropriately cynical”; it’s also the rare instance of a black heroine, co-written and drawn by black creators, in a mainstream comic book. We asked co-writer Marc Bernardin (a veteran who’s done books for Marvel, been a deputy editor at Playboy, and written for the TV show Alphas) to write a piece charting his childhood voyage through the nerd-culture landscape—a landscape that rarely felt like a place he belonged.



Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and why I would have preferred a different actor

I like Benedict as an actor and I’m sure he will do a decent job in portraying Doctor Strange and maybe even better than decent. That being said I am tired of Hollywood sticking with their current batch of actors/actresses and ignoring other talent. I would have loved for them to have chosen Pedro Pascal as Dr. Strange; Pedro played Oberyn in Games of Thrones and killed it. He did such an awesome job, that I was hoping his character survived despite having the knowledge that his reign on the show will come to a bloody end.  

Hollywood seems to have a problem with picking talented people who aren’t White or well established and it is sad that many actors/actresses never will get their foot into the game because of this. You have Scarlet Johansson (who I like) given the offer to play lead character in Ghost In A Shell, Akira with a mostly White cast, Exodus lead roles mostly White actors, etc. Will minorities actors ever get a chance to part-take in their cultures on the big screen as well? Will diverse strong female leads ever be represented? 


Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly in “final negotiations” to play Doctor Strange for Marvel Studios.

The news comes via Deadline. Doctor Strange was recently name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The British actor was first reported to be on Marvel’s wish list some months ago, but then Joaquin Phoenix was approached for the role. Ultimately, Phoenix wouldn’t commit to a multi-film contract.

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