Bad News For Ferguson’s Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

As I have always stated, the truth always comes out.

St. Louis Public Radio

A grand juror is suing St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch in an effort to speak out on what happened in the Darren Wilson case. Under typical circumstances, grand jurors are prohibited by law from discussing cases they were involved in.

The grand juror, referred to only as “Grand Juror Doe” in the lawsuit, takes issue with how McCulloch characterized the case. McCulloch released evidence presented to the grand jury and publicly discussed the case after the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson, then a Ferguson police officer, in the shooting death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African-American.

Let’s look at the facts as well, Michael Brown was shot 150ft away from the cop vehicle yet police lied and stated 30ft for 108 days straight. Darren Wilson stated he was punched in the face 3 times by a young man who weighed 250lbs and was 6’4; where was the physical bruises?

A law that was ruled unconstitutional in 1985 was given to the grand jury; why?

Early on in the proceedings, Assistant District Attorney Alizadeh handed out copies of a law that was ruled unconstitutional in 1985. In essence it set the bar for use of excessive force lower than is permissible. Simply put, ADA Alizadeh told the jury that it was permissible to shoot a fleeing suspect.

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LAPD Investigating Racist Michael Brown Song Performed at Cop Party (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Police Department today was investigating a cop party performance of a Michael Brown parody song, which mocked the victim of the infamous Ferguson, Missouri police shooting that sparked a national debate over how law enforcement interacts with unarmed black men.

The performance was a version of Jim Croce’s “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,” except lyrics included the lines, “And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese / His brain splattered on the floor / And he’s dead, dead Michael Brown / Deadest man in the whole damn town.”

Protesters already planning on a 6 p.m. “Festivus” demonstration on police shootings outside LAPD headquarters tonight said they would be decrying the incident as well. The parody performance on Monday, Dec. 15 at the Glendale Elks Grand Lodge was captured on video (below).

Two NYPD cops get killed and ‘wartime’ police blame the protesters. Have we learned nothing?

Is violence threatened still violence?

America’s nightmare of violence and racism got upended in New York City on Saturday with the shooting of a woman in Baltimore, the shooting of two cops in Brooklyn and the suicide of their suspected fleeing killer.

This time, the bloody violence was clear, and the social-media threat appears real, but the racial and power dynamics are as confusing as they are telling: A black man, Ismaiiyl Brinsley, apparently shot his ex-girlfriend (race unknown), then traveled to New York, where he “assassinated” an Asian officer and a Hispanic officer of the New York Police Department (NYPD), in their squad car. In between,an Instagram photo: a gun, revenge and references to the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. You will believe what happened next – white head of the police union declares war on protesters within hours – but it shouldn’t have to be this way.

By Steven W. Thrasher

After police killed John Crawford at a Walmart, they threatened his girlfriend with jail


A newly released video shows Ohio police aggressively interrogating the girlfriend of a young black man officers had shot and killed earlier in the day.

A detective threatened Tasha Thomas, John Crawford‘s girlfriend, with jail time and suggested she was high during an interrogation that lasted more than 90 minutes.

Throughout the questioning, Thomas can be heard pleading with the detective and swearing on the lives of her relatives that she didn’t know Crawford had a gun.

John Crawford’s mom mourns her son’s death after telling his story. (Saul Loeb / AFP via Getty Images)

On August 5, police shot and killed Crawford at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, near Dayton, after receiving a 911 call that falsely indicated he was waving a real firearm at people. It turned out Crawford was carrying a toy gun, which looked like an assault rifle, that he picked up at the store.

Police then interrogated Crawford’s girlfriend for more than 90 minutes before telling her Crawford was dead, the Guardian’s Jon Swaine reported:

Tasha Thomas was reduced to swearing on the lives of her relatives that John Crawford III had not been carrying a firearm when they entered the Walmart in Beavercreek, near Dayton, to buy crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars on the evening of 5 August.

By George Lopez

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My Commentary

The family of the victims who lives were taken due to false calls to the police or exaggeration should face time and a lawsuit. Maybe then they will stop calling the cops because a Black guy is sitting waiting for his kids in St. Paul MN, walking in Walmart and decided to pick up a toy gun; killed while jogging from practice after someone falsely claimed their laptop was stolen, so the cops decided to shoot at a Black teen jogging from practice. Not only should law makers, and cops be held responsible but the moronic people who call them that created situations like these.

Black Americans are disproportionately likely to be stopped, arrested, and killed by police, according to the available but limited FBI data. These racial disparities remain even in situations in which a shooting victim wasn’t attacking anyone else. Some of these victims were instead killed while allegedly fleeing, committing a felony, or resisting arrest.

Vince Warren on How Police Officers Get Away with Killing from Ferguson to NYC

The Illipsis: on Ferguson, riots and human limits

Amnesty International documents human rights violations by Ferguson police

Fredericklatherman blog

Good morning:

76 days ago Darren Wilson, a police officer with the Ferguson Police Department, shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown who was running away from him following a tussle with Wilson at Wilson’s police vehicle that ended with Wilson shooting Brown in the arm. Six independent eyewitnesses to the shooting said he had stopped running away from Wilson, turned around and raised his hands in the universally understood signal of surrender. Instead of arresting him, which he has been trained to do, he executed him with his gun.

Click to access onthestreetsofamericaamnestyinternational.pdf

Washington Post

Just before midnight on Aug. 19, a longtime local cop named Ray Albers trained his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle on a protester in Ferguson, Mo., and told him he was about to die. “I will f——- kill you!” video shows the cop yelling at the protester, who said he had his hands raised. “Get back! Get back!”

When asked his name, Albers, who was suspended and resigned soon afterward, seethed, “Go f— yourself!”

This altercation was one of many disturbing encounters enumerated in an Amnesty International report released Thursday night that paints a damning portrayal of the Ferguson police force, which it accuses of committing numerous human rights abuses. The report was deeply skeptical of whether Ferguson cop Darren Wilson was justified in the killing of unarmed Michael Brown, criticized Missouri law it said violates international standards and condemned the local police response for shooting tear gas and rubber bullets, intimidating protesters and restricting residents’ right to peaceful assembly.


Amnesty cited a Missouri statute that says a police officer may use deadly force “in effecting an arrest or in preventing an escape from custody” when that officer “reasonably believes that such use of deadly force is immediately necessary to effect the arrest and also reasonably believes that the person to be arrested … has committed or attempted to commit a felony.”

A grand jury in St. Louis County is weighing whether or not Wilson should be charged in Brown’s death. Wilson has not spoken publicly about the incident.

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